Brainstorming to Revision: Create an Erotic Romance with NYT Bestselling Author Angela Knight

Craft Brainstorming to Revision: Create an Erotic Romance with NYT Bestselling Author Angela Knight

I loved that Angela gave us real world examples of how to braid conflict into our stories using her own novel. I also appreciated her taking the time to offer us feedback on our own work we submitted to her. She even included some handouts and extra lessons in with her own lessons. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone, even if they are a romance novelist.
This is my second class with Angela. Her lessons are so detailed, informative, and aligned with my writing process. And the fact that she offers critiques to every class member is above and beyond valuable. I will definitely be signing up for more classes with her!
When I started this class, I couldn’t figure out how to end my book. Angela’s lessons sparked my enthusiasm, and her critiques inspired me to plot a satisfying conclusion. I liked that she praised some of my work while critiquing and editing. Her input made me want to work harder. I hope to take more of her classes in the future.
This is my third class with Angela and each one was better than the last. She's a generous and responsive instructor who provides detailed lessons. The critiques that she provides alone are well worth the price of the class. Thanks to Angela for all the help and support.
Excellent lessons and feedback on homework submitted to instructor. I am an intermediate level and learned so much!
I’ve previously taken two of Angela’s courses, “Polish Your Pitch” and “Hearts and Handcuffs.” Her suggestions for my pitch resulted in an offer for publication. She is an outstanding teacher who provides detailed instruction and excellent critiques. I am grateful for her personal interest in my work and the time she has spent with me. I’m ready to turn in my final manuscript to my publisher after this class. Thank you, Angela, for everything!
Angela's course gave me what she promised. Easy-to-understand lessons. Pertinent and in-depth examples. Encouragement. Thoughtful, perceptive, and positive critiques. I loved her class and her sense of humor. Angela Knight is an instructor I will definitely follow.
Angela's classes always deliver. She pours more of herself into teaching than most. Never doubt the rewards of one of her classes!
Angela Knight is an outstanding instructor. Taking a class from her is like having a coach who walks alongside you. I feel fortunate to have taken two of her classes. She's detailed in her instruction, and best of all incredibly generous in her willingness and responsiveness in critiquing multiple scenes from her students.
For a class that was in the online forum format, I thought it was done well. I think it had the right amount of structure, and had assignments spaced out in a way I appreciated. Angela was great in terms of help and feedback. Also, she responds and posts like a real person, was familiar but direct, which I think makes it easier to not only learn from but also take criticism. Would recommend and plan on taking again for a different WIP.
So much valuable information about police training and procedures! And Angela was extremely generous with her time and willingness to provide critiques. Great class and terrific instructor.
Angela's workshops are always awesome. I learn so much while taking them. She offered a critique with this one and that, alone, is worth the price!
I’ve given the class 5 stars and would give it more if I could. The content of the lectures was extensive on police procedures and their human reactions to various stressful situations. It really gave me a fuller picture of law enforcement officers and will help with the characterization of my hero. The critiques by Angela Knight, however, were the extraordinary value of the class. She was so helpful with all of my submissions. I highly recommend this class to anyone with a law enforcement character.—Michelle Caffrey author of “Bring Jade Home: The True Story of a Dog Lost in Yellowstone.”
Angela was so helpful. She provided lots more feedback than the advertised few rounds. Really helped me get my pitch cleaned up.
Good lecture info if you're new to creating pitches. Angela has a great eye for pitches. She is thorough, very generous with her time, and offers great feedback.
I was impressed with how often Angela provided feedback, even when she already met deadline requirements. It was very helpful.
This was a great class! Angela Knight presented lots of comprehensive information. There were bonus lessons which were interesting and helpful on a variety of topics. She also offered critiques. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this class.
This was a great class from a writer with a lot of experience in her field! I was particularly impressed to hear the "in the trenches" reports about what is selling, what is old hat, and what level of heat is expected from readers and publishers. Even her power point images sizzled!
This webinar was very informative. Angela Knight helped me to realize love scenes reveal character, grow the romance and even reveal weaknesses the characters might have.
This class was very informative. I learned some do's and don'ts for writing love scenes. I also got some great resources like Desmond Morris's book on Intimate behavior. I did not know about the 12 stages of intimacy. I don't write at the heat level Angela does, but I have a better understanding of what level to use in my books.