Craft a Strong Character Arc with Romy Sommer

Character Craft a Strong Character Arc with Romy Sommer

Excellent class. I've been writing for a long time and I've taken many courses. This is a good one. Tons of great information even for someone who isn't new to the block. Five stars.
Great class! Romy's information was thorough and organized--the homework each day challenged me to dig deeper into my romance novel and push my characters and plot past the humdrum. She provided excellent feedback and was encouraging and supportive. I will definitely be taking another class with her! Thank you!
Romy has a wealth of information! She has put a lot of thought into this class and, I, as the student, benefitted greatly. The exercises were very helpful and enjoyable but didn't take up an inordinate amount of time, which is nice given my busy schedule. I feel I learned things that not only helped me in the moment, but will also pay off as my writing grows. Thanks so much for offering this class!
I signed up for Romy Sommer's class on a whim after a long absence from SavvyAuthors. For once, my impulsive "pandemic" shopping/computer clicking rewarded me ten times over. I "bought" myself a boatload of rejuvenated creative juices! Romy provided a much needed jump start to my writing. Her lessons were easy to understand, and although she didn't require extensive homework, she somehow lit my fire. I ended up writing my first ever paranormal short story. Once I got going, I couldn't stop. So I'm one happy student. Enjoyed Romy's enthusiastic comments to all the class members. Sorry that the class went by so quickly. Thanks, Romy and SavvyAuthors!
Planning is key, and this class addresses the need to plan and not put the cart before the horse. Thank you for the tips for building my brand!