character arc

  1. Kristin Molnar

    Character Revising Secondary Characters with K.L. Lord

    This workshop helps writers identify common archetypes of secondary characters, how they impact the story, weaknesses in those characters, and discusses several methods by which the weak secondary characters may be revised. Secondary characters serve several important purposes in fiction...
  2. B

    Character Creating Fascinating Characters with Bree Verity

    For anyone who has struggled to make their characters seem real, this is the class for you! Work through several areas of character development, building your characters as you go. They are already real in your mind - why not make them real in your readers' mind as well?
  3. Becky Martinez

    Craft Making Your Characters Real with Becky Martinez

    Great characters are the foundation of any good story. Learn how to bring your characters to life with one of the co-authors of two books on creating memorable characters. Find out how you can come up with heroes and heroines who go from cardboard figures to believable people. Make them come...
  4. SaschaIllyvich

    Character Am I Evil? A Primer on Creating Villains with Sascha Illyvich

    Have you crafted the perfect hero but now worry about his counterpart, the villain? Do you want to know what the difference is between the words evil and villain? Are you hoping to create the next Joker or original Dracula? Are you curious as to the numerous types of villains and their...