Crafting Must-Read Backstory: Write Backstory Your Readers Are Dying to Read with Kris Kennedy

Plot-Structure Crafting Must-Read Backstory: Write Backstory Your Readers Are Dying to Read with Kris Kennedy

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Writers love backstory! We need backstory. It’s pain and motivation and the unique angles that make our characters sing and howl at the moon. It’s the whys and hows. It explains everything.

Unfortunately, it can also kill story.

Backstory can be deployed. Done right, it’s a weapon in our storytelling arsenal. But authors often write backstory to satisfy ourselves, not the reader. We need the reader to know something, so we just...tell them. But backstory that ‘tells’ readers why they should care isn’t story; it’s information. Now the reader knows something.

But readers don’t read to know. They read to feel.

It’s the author’s job is to make readers care, sometimes in the absence of knowing all the whys & hows. How? How do you balance the need to explain the “whys” with the primary need to drive the story forward?

I’ll show you!

Come learn concrete strategies for crafting backstory that helps pacing and powers up arcs and plotlines. Explore why backstory can kill story, and how to deploy it like a weapon to get maximum effect. Learn how to balance backstory with the present day storyline, weaving it with actions & turning points to create stories that keep readers up late, turning the page. Write so readers are dying to read your backstory.
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Sep 27, 2021 at 9:00 AM
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