Crafting Must-Read Backstory: Write Backstory Your Readers Are Dying to Read with Kris Kennedy

Plot-Structure Crafting Must-Read Backstory: Write Backstory Your Readers Are Dying to Read with Kris Kennedy

This is an AMAZING class!
Not only is Kris the most engaging, thoughtful and competent instructor imaginable, she also shifted my mindset regarding "backstory" by 180°, taught me to "see" that backstory IS story, and she provided tons of tools and exercises to get the job done.

I enjoyed every single sentence in this class and learned WAY more about writing than just the nuts and bolts of "backstory".

Fully and wholeheartedly recommended!
Kris' comments and suggestions have helped me enormously. I can't wait to use her interesting suggestions that make the story better than it is. She has broadened the character's background for the actions that happen in the book. Many, many thanks for these insights to my story.
Best backstory workshop I have ever done. Such detailed, nuanced insights and clear examples. It's the first time I feel properly guided w.r.t. backstory. Previously, I have only received vague guidelines that I did not know how to apply. This class has given me a lot more confidence in dealing with backstory successfully.
I'm excited with all of the information Kris shared. She organized in such a way that I'll also be using it as a reference for every book. And would I take another of her courses...definitely. Thank you, Kris. Sincerely, Susan
I'm an experienced published author but Kris helped me really add some oomph to my characters. Enjoyed this class very much!
Kris really knows her stuff! There is so much information in this class. I not only learned a lot for the book I'm working on, but I know this is goig to help me in the future.
This was a great class. Kris is very knowledgeable, answered questions thoroughly and promptly, and really broke down the material into understandable sections.
This is my second SavvyAuthors class, but definitely my favorite so far. Kris was detailed in the lecture lessons and the homework really made you think about your book. I really enjoyed it and would absolutely consider taking more courses with this instructor!
I was struggling plotting turning points but this course saved me. I was thinking mostly of plot, not emotional internal transformation. These lessons take you by the hand through the story arc and explains the plot points. Now, I'm going to ho back to my WIP and refocus my plotting which will strengthen the wip as I continue to write it.
I'm do glad I took this course. The instructor is excellent. There is ample time for questions with thorough and useful instructor answers. Thank you.
The writing tools provided in this class were so on point and informative! The lectures and homework allowed me new insight into my work in progress and generated ideas I eagerly incorporated into my work. It was a unique and invigorating writing experience. I very much look forward to taking another of her courses.
Excellent workshop. Kris was very informative and her lessons were on target. Lots to take in and apply...would have been helpful to have more time between lessons, but would definitely recommend!
Highly useful class on back story from this author/editor. I learned so much to move my MC forward without the dreaded "info dumps." Respective and insightful comments can benefit both newbies and those further along their writing journey. Highly recommended, and not just for back story issues.
A number of good strategies and plenty of examples. Need time however to think about them, assimilate and apply. Perhaps more days between one lesson and another would help.
This is my first class with and I found it very useful and informative. I was impressed with the in depth ideas and useful feedback from Kris the instructor. Good job
This is one of the best most informative workshops that I've taken to date. It's a must to learn how to write compelling characters. I have no affiliation with this teacher but wanted to share with others that are sitting on the fence deciding to take this course. Do yourself a favor and take it. It's smart, HELPFUL, and stuff I haven't learned in any writing book to date!!