Criminals and Those Who Pursue Them with Dr. Cynthia Clark

New for 2018 Criminals and Those Who Pursue Them with Dr. Cynthia Clark

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Welcome to the world of the criminals or how to create criminals with reality and flair as well as the world of those who pursue these criminals from police officers to Special Forces to US Marshals and more.

This class looks at different types of criminals and their characteristics. It then looks at those who love, adore and befriend them. In some cases people are memorized by these criminals and in other cases fascinated and in other cases in love.

We will look at how and why this occurs. How the sociopath, the con man woes their victims and sucks them in. How family and friends frequently have no clue. Then we will look at the men and women who pursue them: Police officers (Detectives, Swat. Snipers), Military (Special Forces. MPs), PIs, and Intelligence Agencies (FBI, CIA and others).

A brief synopsis for this course is:

1. Profiling
2. Differences and Similarities between Sociopaths and Psychopaths
3. Types of Psychopaths
4. Criminal Characteristics
Serial Killers and other violent offenders
5. Police Officers
6. Special Forces
Navy Seals
Dealt Force
Green Berets, etc.
7. US Marshals
9. FBI
10. CIA
Dr. Clark
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Latest reviews

Most helpful class a mystery writer can take with
a teacher who knows what she's talking about.
Gwynne Elledge
Lots of useful reference material covering all kinds of criminals as well as the specs of law enforcers from police to military to special forces. Great discussions on sociopaths and the school shootings. The instructor was very open to discussion and to answering all questions.