TERRORISM – from the External to the Homegrown with Dr. Cynthia Clark

New for 2018 TERRORISM – from the External to the Homegrown with Dr. Cynthia Clark

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Terrorism…looks at terrorism through the ages as it gives characteristics of those who terrorize. A time line of terrorism is included as are simplistic definitions of the most notorious terror groups.

Also discussed are chemical and biological weapons – their characteristics, their symptoms, etc
Topics include:
  • Brief History of Terrorism
  • Profile of a Potential Terrorist
  • Brief History of Terrorism in America
  • Definitions
  • Terrorist Organizations
  • Terrorist Techniques
  • Homegrown Terrorists
  • Lone Terrorist
  • Financing Terrorism
  • The Traitor
  • School Terrorists
  • Eco Terrorists
  • Psychological Terrorism
  • Terrorist Communication
  • How do Terrorists Attack?
  • Biological Warfare Agents
  • Chemical Warfare Agents
  • Radiological Warfare Agents
  • Cyber Attacks
  • Explosions, Bombs, IEDs
  • Protecting against biological agents
  • Homeland Security
  • Audio and Video Tapes (evidence and propaganda)
  • Legislature/ U.S. ARMY
  • The U.S. Navy/ Air Force/ Marines
  • Special Forces Equipment
  • Intelligence agencies
Dr. Clark
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Very informative. Will be helpful with my WIP about a bio-terrorism threat. Thank you.