Edit a Bestseller Like a Pro with Liz Pelletier

Webinar Edit a Bestseller Like a Pro with Liz Pelletier

Had a lot of good information, some I definitely had never thought of considering before when editing. Would recommend to any one wanting to hone their editing skills!
This was a very insightful webinar. It’s my first, considering I’ve been writing books for years on passion alone. With this I’ve gained more technical knowledge to writing. Also to go out and ask/seek answers to things I don’t understand. It was as fun as it was enlightening.
So much actionable advice. I took pages of notes, and I've been writing for years! I went in hoping for a gold nugget or two of information. Instead, I'm leaving with a handfuls. Very excited I took this class! Was a last minute decision, and one I don't regret.
After a few bugs, in the beginning, everything ran quite smoothly. Liz sure knows her stuff and I really appreciate the examples she gave as that is how I learn best. Thank you.
I found this webinar extremely helpful. Liz broke down the first pass edit very clearly and offered some amazing tips which I will be putting to practice in my editing process. I always feel a class or workshop is worth your time and money if you can come away with at least one new tip and I came away with several!
Liz gave great tips for spotting and fixing what's wrong with characters, pacing, and saleable appeal. So much valuable information shared in a simple-to-understand style. Thanks for this webinar.
Excellent class with a ton of highly informative and extremely important information. Absolute standout in terms of what to know as a writer, as an editor, and how to fix things when we spot them.
This is an incredibly valuable class of tips and tricks for self-editing any book, any genre. I love Liz's candor and humor, and the peeks she gives inside her personal work with authors & the books she loves.
This webinar was so much more than how to edit - it was how to build a best seller. Jam packed with actionable information. Thank you!
Missa Pelletier class was amazing! Talking about the tropes and how important they were for your writing was again just amazing. Loved the class.
In two hours we had a master's class on writing. Very informative to see how the tropes, beats and high concept all worked together. I'll definitely take this webinar again.
Miss Pelletier explained the important beats vital to a trope driven plot. How wonderful that she took suggestions from students and created a synopsis step-by-step. Really wasn't expecting to see the magic. All said and done, it was a fantastic way to spend the evening with an expert, fellow writers and learn more about our craft. Thank you for offering this lesson!
Excellent information, fabulous feedback, this series is invaluable into the mindset of a traditional publisher to teach how to edit like all the big deals.
As always, Liz was fantastic. Her presentations are very well prepared and in depth. You leave with a wealth of information.
I'm so excited about this class. Can't wait. It's easy to sign up and even better to get an early discount. <grin!>
The content was very good but the sound quality was poor. The crackles and pops drowned out words which made it difficult to understand Liz. She read excerpts very quickly and made reading mistakes which made comprehension more difficult. I had to rewind often to decipher what Liz said. As a result it took me 2.5 hours to complete the recording. Suggest to Liz that she reads less quickly and more clearly in future.
I ended up joining in an hour late as I got the time zones wrong. But from what I was able to hear Liz gave great examples of troupes. I enjoyed the Q&A at the end.
Excellent! Liz very generously shared her checklist of the highlights in structure that she looks for in a submission. Loved her shortened version of Save the Cat beat sheet and how she uses a visual W to plot these points. And I took lots of screenshots, which was a wonderful feature to have on the Join.us tool she used. Also enjoyed hearing the examples of these plot points from two new books she recommends, one by Amy Andrews and the other by Kira Archer. Lots of great information that I think I can use to write faster and better including fixes in the heart or pulse of the story when something feels missing. Well worth the price. Will take more from Liz. Thank you.
It was a very informative webinar. I recommend it for writers of romance.
Excellent presentation, easy-to-understand graphs and plenty of note-taking! Definitely kicking my writing craft up a notch! :)