Get Out of the Box! Spinning Tales & Creating Twists to Plot & Characters with Beth Daniels

Craft Get Out of the Box! Spinning Tales & Creating Twists to Plot & Characters with Beth Daniels

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The phrase has been around for a long time: THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX! And in the current world of publishing, particularly in genre fiction, it’s fairly clear that quite a lot of writers have done just that. There were, after all, very few books published, compared to the numbers today, in urban fantasy, speculative fiction such as Steampunk and the other “punk” niches in the 20th Century. There weren’t same gender love stories in the mainstream, nor erotica outside of that found in the local porn shop.

And main characters didn’t get wacked in the middle of their story (ref: Ned Stark from G.G. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire still uncompleted book series).

So, we’ll picture a box that we need to work outside of because it’s not only gift wrapped or bound for shipping but has so much tape and ribbon or securing strips around it, we either can’t get it opened or our muse is pushing bondage as a theme. Could be both.

Join me for a brief orbit around that sealed box in search of new ideas or merely ones so well tweaked, they are twitching to get in a story.
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Beth Daniels
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2022 SavvyAuthorsWriterCon: Year of Achievement!
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Sep 9, 2022 at 9:00 AM
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Sep 11, 2022 at 5:00 PM
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Sep 11, 2022 at 5:00 PM
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Latest reviews

Clear, concise lectures. Many clear-cut examples about how an author can rethink a character, making it unique.
Beth was great at feedback and interaction, which is when I find the most learning and assimilating of the concepts happen. I would take another of her courses.
I liked her easy teaching style and positive attitude. She was gracious enough to answer all questions asked, and I think our group was definitely writing many genres. Thanks, Beth!
Beth presents information in a clear and engaging manner. I love that she includes participation and feedback rather than just posting lectures. I always walk away from one of her classes with new tools to assist me on my journey!
Great information and fantastic engagement. It helped me come up with some new ideas for my WIP.