Indie Editing on a Budget with Christine Amsden

Indie Indie Editing on a Budget with Christine Amsden

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Poorly edited books will not sell well. It doesn't matter how beautiful your cover art is, or how perfect your marketing strategy. Selling like a pro means, first and foremost, creating a professional product. Professionally published authors, whether they choose the traditional or independent route, have professionally edited manuscripts. Ideally, books go through multiple rounds of editing, starting with high-level (story/structural) passes, through in-depth line editing, copy editing, and finally, a proofread. But I get it – you're on a budget. Qualified editors charge (rightly) $40 per hour or more for their hard work and expertise, and full-length novels can cost many thousands of dollars to edit.

Don't lose hope! There are compromise solutions somewhere between releasing an unedited novel and shelling out $10,000 for editing. These solutions vary based on your experience with publishing, your skill level as an author, your network of connections, and your budget. Let's explore some of these options together as we seek ways to make the most of your money – and your book.

**This workshop involves a good deal of instructor interaction in an attempt to take you past general advice and into specific solutions tailored to your individual needs. Each week will contain homework that involves you answering pointed, probing questions about your resources, and the final week will involve an honest manuscript evaluation.
Week 1: Introduction to the four basic types of editing. What are the goals of each one? The common issues that arise? Under ideal circumstances, how much does this cost?

Week 2: Evaluating your own personal strengths and resources. What are you good at? Where do you struggle? Are there people in your life who can help? What is your budget?

Week 3: Making compromises. Getting into the reality of your needs and your budget, what are your options? Can you combine editing steps? Skip some? Hire a new editor charging almost nothing because he or she is looking for experience?

Week 4: Manuscript evaluation. This is an opportunity for all class participants to submit the first few pages of a project and receive honest advice on how to approach getting it edited.
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Sep 9, 2019 at 9:00 AM
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Oct 6, 2019 at 1:00 AM
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Sep 13, 2019 at 9:00 PM
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Latest reviews

I have mixed feelings about the class. I received a good basic understanding of the types of editing and the associated costs, and felt the instructor was very knowledgeable. What the class lacked was that I don’t feel I learned how to get editing help on a budget. I walked away right where I started. I wanted more in how to get budget editing; websites, software, groups, classes etc. Also, there didn’t appear to be any students in the class other than myself actually participating. I just had Savy Authors cancel a class because of lack of interest and I wish this one would have been canceled too. I hoped that other students could provide resources, their experiences, what not to do etc. from which I could also learn.