1. Kate McMurray

    Craft Beyond Spellcheck: Self-Editing Before Submission with Kate McMurray

    You’ve written a book and you want to give it one last spit polish before submitting to editors and agents, but grammar isn’t exactly your strong suit. No problem! Two professional editors give some tips and tricks for how to self-edit, including checking for common errors, to help you make your...
  2. Mary DeSantis

    Craft Self-Editing from Page Zero with Mary DeSantis

    If you’re anything like me, you’re a pantser, which means outlines make no sense and you hit the ground running on page one. Everything chugs along beautifully up to your inciting incident. Suddenly, there are multiple possibilities for your plot and so many choices for your characters to make...
  3. Angela Knight

    Craft The Art of Editing with New York Times Bestselling author Angela Knight

    *** Registration is now full. *** This is a LIVE webinar scheduled for Friday September 11 at 8 p.m-9 p.m. EDT * Don't know what time that is in your timezone? Check out HERE. This hour-long PowerPoint presentation covers how to effectively work through the drafting process to make sure you...
  4. terrimain

    Craft Macro-Editing: Become Your Own Plot Doctor with Terri Main

    Once you have written your first draft, you know you are not done. You understand that you need to fix everything from plot holes to punctuation. The starting point is Macro-Editing - Editing the Big Picture. Many spend $1000s on Book Doctors, Finishers, and Developmental Editors to do this work...
  5. SuzanneJefferies

    Craft Tighten Your Writing with Suzanne Jefferies

    Show don’t tell, deep point of view, too many adverbs! How do you make your writing tighter, punchier, and hit all those tick-boxes? In this week-long workshop I’ll take you through the six steps to make sure your romance writing is everything you want it to be.
  6. F.T. Bradley

    Craft Getting the ‘Send It!’—Perfecting Your First Five Pages with Fleur Bradley

    When submitting to agents, you often get to include five sample pages with your query. This workshop will teach you how to get those pages to shine, from character introduction, conflict, voice and formatting—to ensure that agents will want to read more. Instructor will provide feedback on query...
  7. Angela Knight

    Craft Spells of the Heart: Editing Your Romance for Maximum Magic with Angela Knight

    You’ve just typed The End. Sigh! You’re done… Not so fast. You can be absolutely sure that somewhere in that stack of pages are: embarrassing plot holes; limp love scenes; sentences that clank instead of ring; conflicts that go nowhere; colorless cardboard characters; and fight scenes with...
  8. Diane Culver

    Editor Excellence in Editing

    From their website: Whether you're submitting to a major publisher, querying agents, or planning to self-publish, a second pair of eyes is a must before letting that manuscript or partial out of your hands. Sure, the world loves a great story, but the world embraces a great, well-told story...
  9. Tambra

    Editor Suzanne Johnson

    From Suzanne's website: I have more than thirty years in copy editing and developmental editing both fiction and nonfiction, including two years as the founding copy editor for Entangled Publishing. My copy-edited works include best-selling paranormals by authors such as Laura Kaye and Jennifer...
  10. Barbara Sheridan

    Proofreader Emily Nemchick

    From their website: I began copy editing and proofreading professionally in 2012, after completing my BA in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at the University of Cambridge. I have worked as a copy editor in academic publishing and the self-publishing world. I have worked on fiction and non-fiction...
  11. Missye Maroon

    Manuscript Formatting Reedsy

    From their website: Crafting beautiful books is at the heart of everything that Reedsy does. We're changing the way books are published by giving authors and publishers access to talented professionals, powerful tools, and free educational content. Reedsy was founded in the summer of 2014 by...
  12. Teresa Crumpt0n

    Editor Gray Publishing Services

    From their website: Our services include: eBook & paperback formatting Original eBook & paperback cover design Pre-made eBook & paperback cover design Proofreading Editing Business card design & printing Bookmark design etc Teasers, Banners, Logos & Swag
  13. Kendi McLain

    Accountability Kendi's 2017 Goals

    Polish, compete, and complete multiple first drafts. It's been many years since I've been afforded the luxury of being able to sit and write til I'm tired of sitting. I'm taking advantage of it now. Have one completed manuscript that is editing now. First three chapters and synopsis are...
  14. Mako-clb

    Accountability Editing and Revising

    My goal is to do another edit/revision of last year's NaNo novel in preparation to finish it during 2017 NaNoWriMo. Yup, that's right, I won last year with only about half the novel finished. And, I need to get back in the grove of the story and clean up some stuff in the first half so I'm ready...
  15. The Hybrid Author: A Guide to Publishing, 2nd edition

    The Hybrid Author: A Guide to Publishing, 2nd edition

    A comprehensive guide to the evolving publishing industry written with candor, insight and personal experience from a seasoned hybrid author. Providing: * Active resource links for all your writing needs * Discoverability tips * Advice for the Author/Entrepreneur
  16. Lynn Lorenz

    Craft Easy Editing for Beginners with Lynn Lorenz

    In this intensive workshop, students will learn how to make easy edits in an organized process. Those editing topics will cover Point of View, Use of Verbs, Independent Body Parts, Passive Voice, and how to tighten sentences and paragraphs for pacing. Once the class is complete, students should...
  17. Beth Daniels

    Craft Tell the Whole Story: Editing for Content with Beth Daniels

    We all hate reading through our manuscripts for grammar glitches and typos, for continuity when spelling characters’ names or the places they visit, right? It’s tough and real dog’s body work. Boring even. There’s even a tougher and yet more important editing run that needs to be done though...
  18. Laura Drake

    Craft Advanced Writing with Laura Drake

    You know the feeling – when you start a book and immediately suspend disbelief to fall into the story world. As authors, we know that this isn’t easy to do. It takes more than a good scene. It takes a maestro of craft to pull it off. If you’re past problems with POV, character development and...
  19. Christine Amsden

    Indie Indie Editing on a Budget with Christine Amsden

    Poorly edited books will not sell well. It doesn't matter how beautiful your cover art is, or how perfect your marketing strategy. Selling like a pro means, first and foremost, creating a professional product. Professionally published authors, whether they choose the traditional or independent...
  20. Michelle Buckman

    Webinar Self-Editing for Fiction Writers with Michelle Buckman

    Learn what editors look for when they are going through your manuscript. There's much more to see than basic plot. Michelle explains how an editor evaluates your overall manuscript and the details of what is checked and marked during an edit. Armed with this knowledge, you can look at your...