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Magic is the stuff of legends. It’s been used by people since before civilizations were in place. Magic was an integral part of religion to the hunter-gatherers, then it became part of ceremonies in the early civilizations, became a deterrent in the hands of an ancient priest, a way of torture or punishment, a way of healing, and then it turned into something people feared in a different way and those who practiced magic…well, things didn’t turn out well for them.

Yet Merlin in the Arthurian tales is supposedly one of the good guys while Morgan Le Fae, not so much. But then he was a wizard and she was a sorceress, a witch. Not only was Elizabeth I’s favorite fortune reader, Dr. Dee, an astrologer, he was an alchemist. So, oddly enough, was Sir Isaac Newton. Men seemed to ride the tide while women not so much. It was a different world than ours.

Today, those who wield magic in fiction are frequently the good guys, though the bad guys have it too. There is no reason magic need to have stagnated over the ages though. It should have evolved with the times. That’s what this two-week workshop is all about. Evolving magic to suit your story’s characters' requirements.

Things we’ll talk about are whether staffs and wands or other items are required as a focus, whether they call things spells, curses, or something else, whether incantations or special words need to be used, whether the magic is nature-based, the result of things from an alchemist’s lab, split parentage with an intelligent being who isn’t human, or is learned through books or codexes or seemingly unreadable texts.

There’s a lot we can do to turn the magic your fantasy character uses into something truly different, truly special. So make a shopping list for your magic-user, things they need to be able to do and why. And we aren’t just talking the good guys here, but the villains as well. We’ll do it all in two-weeks.
Beth Daniels
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Nov 9, 2020 at 9:00 AM
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Nov 22, 2020 at 12:00 AM
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Great content without being overwhelming. Challenging but worth the sweat to improve my magic users in my books.