1. So you think you've got issues

    So you think you've got issues

    YA - Paranormal
  2. Dealing with Death

    Dealing with Death

    Paranormal - Death
  3. The essence of being human

    The essence of being human

    Paranormal - death
  4. The Lore Giver[2] 2.jpg

    The Lore Giver[2] 2.jpg

    Vampire paranormal
  5. Legends of Old.jpg

    Legends of Old.jpg

    Violet takes us on a tour of some of the South Carolina legends where we soak in the details of Light Road, The Old Charleston Jail, Alice Flagg, and several others. Also includes a Bonus Feature section with short stories never before published.
  6. The Promised Book One Final very very small.jpg

    The Promised Book One Final very very small.jpg

    Her worst nightmare thrusts her into a future she never could have imagined.
  7. Bittersweet-Obsessions-thumbnail.jpg


    Bittersweet Obsessions by Annie Rayburn (Carol Burnside) One woman. Three men. Who will trigger her obsession?
  8. Chris Redding

    Genre Shifters, Vampires, and Witches, Oh My - Writing Paranormal Romance with Chris Redding

    In this two-week course, you’ll learn the basics of writing paranormal romance. You’ll learn the tropes of each type of paranormal romance, where you must adhere to the guidelines, and where you can push the envelope. Let’s take an exciting journey through the writing of other-wordly beings who...


    WHEN HARRY KILLED SALLY, the first book in the Whichur-Wolfe Detection series, where werewolf meets witch and murders are solved and miscreants caught!
  10. Biological Instinct (Aleka Chronicles #1)

    Biological Instinct (Aleka Chronicles #1)

    They're a perfect match. But the true monster isn't the beast, it's the beauty.
  11. feeling-his-heat-thumbnail.jpg


    Patty Thorson, a cocktail waitress at the Preserve Casino, knows how to have fun and, with no shortage of eligible bachelors around, she’s had plenty of opportunities to enjoy herself and then some. But when a shocking and frightening experience forces Patty to reevaluate her life and her safety,
  12. Feeling_His_Passion_Cover_for_Kindle.jpg


    Jake Carrington, a former Marine and billionaire owner of The Preserve Hotel and Casino, is frustrated with his life of loneliness. He’s always lived for duty and honor, but he’s always been missing something: the love of his life. But, after all this time, he knows that she can’t possibly exist…
  13. Beth Daniels

    Genre Magic Rehab with Beth Daniels

    Magic is the stuff of legends. It’s been used by people since before civilizations were in place. Magic was an integral part of religion to the hunter-gatherers, then it became part of ceremonies in the early civilizations, became a deterrent in the hands of an ancient priest, a way of torture...
  14. Beth Daniels

    Genre Honey, There is something Not Exactly Human at the Door with Beth Daniels

    HONEY, THERE IS SOMETHING NOT EXACTLY HUMAN AT THE DOOR: PARANORMAL, SUPERNATURAL, LEGENDARY AND ALIEN CHARACTURES There probably used to be a sign on the casting office’s door that said, “Nonhumans Need Not Apply”, but that sign went the way of the dodo…one of them probably carried it off the...
  15. Beth Daniels

    Genre Scene of the Paranormal Crime with Beth Daniels

    Do the names Jim Butcher, Kim Harrison, Ben Aaronovitch, Lisa Shearin, Mike Carey, Karen Marie Moning, Jonathan Howard, Kate Griffin, Kevin Hearne, Daryinda Jones, or Benedict Jacka ring a bell with you? They are merely some of the many writers who mix magic, paranormal, supernatural, and...
  16. The Consuming

    The Consuming

    Some secrets can consume you... Haunted House Short Story Amazon Universal:
  17. BloodMoon_Medium.jpg


    As a djinn River Pomeroy should have been healed after he nearly died at the hands of his kidnappers but something still wasn’t right. A sense of doom he can’t escape and a meeting with a hooded man confirms his worst fear, he’s enthralled by a wish his sister Tempe exchanged for a new genie...
  18. The Keeper's Secret and Other Tales

    The Keeper's Secret and Other Tales

    FOREWORD for The Keeper's Secret Anthology Whether it’s history itself getting lost in the stone silence of a lighthouse or the time flow of medieval armor clashing from the grave into the now of your mind, this year’s honor roll of top stories from Tell-Tale Publishing will put you up in your...
  19. Secret Santa and Other Tales

    Secret Santa and Other Tales

    FOREWORD for Secret Santa Anthology Oh, the Horror! The Horror! I've been a fan since my older sister used to wake me up so I could sneak down to watch Creature Feature when I was in elementary school! Funny, I never could seem to get back to sleep . . . While my main writing...
  20. Vacuity and Other Tales

    Vacuity and Other Tales

    The best anthology yet! Dare to journey through the bloody mind of a madwoman, or escape, if you can, from an underground military compound, where secret experiments may land you on the menu. Perhaps you’d like to see what the witches in Salem are doing this Halloween, or what really happened...