Master the Mystery Novel! with USA TODAY Bestselling Author Traci Andrighetti

Craft Master the Mystery Novel! with USA TODAY Bestselling Author Traci Andrighetti

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Mentoring, Characters, Description/Setting, Editing, Dialogue, Structure, Genre, GMC, Plotting, POV, Voice, Worldbuilding, Writer's Life, Critique
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Want to add mystery to your life? Then write one! USA TODAY Bestselling Author Traci Andrighetti is on the case to help you investigate how whodunits are done.

In her three-month mentoring course, you will develop your plot and cast of characters, outline your manuscript, and write the first act.

During the inquiry, Traci will teach you her super sleuthing tools and tips to add intrigue and heighten the tension. Once we’ve found the body, Traci will provide you with clues to finish your book, identify a publishing path, and query agents and editors. No red herrings!

* Mentoring includes LOTS of hands-on attention. *
Week 1: Mystery Subcategories, Setting, Premise, and Titles
Assignment: Select your mystery subcategory, identify the setting, write the premise, and brainstorm ten titles

Week 2: The Plot and Subplots
Assignment: Write a one-page synopsis and name your cast of characters

Week 3: Point of View, Narrative Voice, and Characters
Assignment: Select the POV, experiment with your voice, and complete character templates

Week 4: Investigation, Clues, and Red Herrings
Assignment: Identify clues and red herrings and match them to your characters

Week 5: The Three-Act Outline
Assignment: Write a one-paragraph beginning, middle, and ending

Week 6: The First Sentence, Scenes, and Chapters
Assignment: Write a chapter-by-chapter outline

Week 7: Dialogue, Dialogue Tags, and Body Language
Assignment: Write Chapter 1

Week 8: Reflection, Flashback, and Backstory
Assignment: Write Chapter 2

Week 9: Suspense, Action, Climax, and Coda
Assignment: Write Chapter 3

Week 10: Revising and Polishing
Assignment: Revise and polish Chapters 1–3

Week 11: Publishing and Querying
Assignment: Write a query letter OR an item of your choice

Week 12: Scheduling, Networking, and Finishing Your Mystery!
Traci Andrighetti
Start date
Jan 27, 2020 at 9:00 AM
End date
Apr 19, 2020 at 12:00 AM
Registration end date
Jan 29, 2020 at 12:00 AM
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Latest reviews

Traci is a wonderful instructor and gives lots of hands on attention. One of the best parts about this class are the weekly group calls. It's like a great big brainstorming session! This class has helped me tremendously and I highly recommend it!
I highly recommend Traci's workshop because of the amazing and detailed information she gave, her wonderful feedback and support, and her way of blending everything together with weekly google hang out meetings.

If you are considering taking this workshop please do!
I enjoyed this class enormously and came away with far more confidence in my novel and my ability to finish my story and become a published author. The course materials are clear and straightforward, and Traci has clever plot and character if your story is stalling, and is incredibly supportive and generous. I live in the Netherlands, and Traci went out of her way to make sure our Google Hangout meet-ups were held at a time that worked for me. I recommend Traci’s courses wholeheartedly. If only the class was twice as long!