Romancing the Doctor: An Author’s Guide to Medical Terminology with Patricia Fischer

Genre Romancing the Doctor: An Author’s Guide to Medical Terminology with Patricia Fischer

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Fan of Grey's Anatomy? ER? Nurse Jackie? Doc Martin? Scrubs? The Good Doctor?

Ever wanted to write a swoon worthy, strong medical character or setting in your story but simply don't know who to ask?

Need to put your hero's or heroine's family member in a critical medical situation?

Want to avoid the common pitfalls and cliches seen so often in medical settings?

There are plenty of ways to weave medical characters and settings to create an amazing story to give your readers book hangovers.
  • Explore some of the most popular medical themed relationships and situations. Why they do and don't work.
  • Research examples in TV, films, and books where the profession of the medical staff added and distracted from the stories.
  • Brainstorm specific ways to help layer your story with accurate medical terminology without weighing it down.
  1. How to choose a character's profession-discuss personality, temperament, and goals of the characters
  2. Starting with the basics--what does it take to get into medicine and aligning ages with professions.
  3. Well, aren't you special? Finding the right medical niche for your character(s).
  4. GRAMMAR CODE STAT! A review of the most common medical terminology phrases and codes, what they mean and why they are used.
  5. That's Hollywood-what medical shows and medical situations get right and wrong. Why it matters when you're writing (homework will be watching TV and or movies)
  6. How far we've come--covering the history of medical practice, women and minorities in medicine and how that still affects us all today.
  7. I'm sorry. You've got cliche--How to avoid the common cliches, pit falls of writing medical characters and situations.
  8. Being accurate. Why it's important.
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