10 Out of the Box Ways to Market Your Work in Progress with Patricia Fischer

Business 10 Out of the Box Ways to Market Your Work in Progress with Patricia Fischer

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Authors have enough on their plates as they create their newest book, but getting the word out about their WIPs, whether they are a debut or published author is crucial to keeping readers and finding new ones.

Marketing doesn’t come naturally for many authors. It can be excruciating to know what to do and how to get your best bang for your buck, time, and personality.

My workshop will cover a variety of ways writers can get the word out either through social, visual, and/or print media as well as how to continue to momentum after the book is on the e-readers or shelves.

In the workshop, I’ll cover:

(1) Making Pinterest boards
(2) Making your book memes on Canva
(3) Using movie scenes to entice your potential readers
(4) Newsletter bonuses
(5) Getting good at Instagram Stories and organizing takeovers
(6) How about Facebook Live
(7) Instant and frequent giveaways using newsletters and Amazon
(8) Joining forces with other authors (networking and spreading the love)
(9) Getting TV, Radio, and Newspaper interviews
(10) Approaching local (non-book) business for book signings
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Lots of helpful ideas (definitely out of the box) that got my creativity for marketing and promotion ramped up. Great class!