Show Don't Tell with LC Hayden

Craft Show Don't Tell with LC Hayden

Award winning author L. C. Hayden is the creator of the popular Harry Bronson Thriller series, the Aimee Brent Mystery series, and the standalone, Secrets of the Tunnels. Hayden is known in the mystery field for her edge of the seat suspense and her surprise endings. Her mysteries have hit the Kindle, the B&N, and the Pennsylvania Top Seller Lists. The books have been finalist for the Agatha, the LCC Awards, the Killer Nashville, Readers’ Choice Awards and others.

Her nonfiction angel/miracle series consists of spiritually uplifting books that leave the reader wanting more.

Hayden’s other works include children’s picture books and a paranormal mystery that promises all the punch of a first-class horror story and the sensitivity of a romance. Help! I Want to Write offers practical advice to aspiring authors. Bell Shaped Flowers is a young adult inspirational novelette along the lines of Hallmark Hall of Fame.

Besides being an accomplished author, Hayden is a popular speaker who is often in demand. She has done workshop and school presentations, has spoken to clubs and organizations, and was hired by several major cruise lines to speak while cruising all over the world. From October 2006 to October 2007, Hayden hosted Mystery Writers of America’s only talk show, Murder Must Air.

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