1. Denise A. Agnew

    Waving Hello! New Here

    Hey everyone, Just popping in to say I'm new here. I'll be taking the zombie class coming up. I'm writing a four book series that is post apocalyptic and while I've already written two and half books in the series I'm looking forward to learning more things that could help me with creating...
  2. Lisa J MacDonald

    Writing Life Prioritize Your Writing in 2020 with Lisa J. MacDonald

    Start your writing year off with a sizzle and put the structure in place in your life to honor your writing life throughout the year. Learn how to: Supercharge your goal setting to a Higher Level Overcome Personal Obstacles and Grow Your Writing Business No Matter What Keep Your Inner Critic...
  3. Ally Broadfield

    Craft Incorporating Humor into Your Writing with Ally Broadfield

    Humor is a part of our everyday lives. It can inspire hope, relieve tension, and help connect us to one another. Learning to use humor effectively will enhance your work and may even boost your creativity by challenging you to approach your craft in a new way. Even if your subject matter is...
  4. Sunny Irene Roth

    Writing Life How to Not Only Survive, but Thrive During NaNoWriMo with Irene S. Roth

    Many writers want to take part in NaNoWriMo each year in November. There is no better way of getting into the later fall months than to delve into writing a brand new book that we can then revise in December and January. I have participated in 20 years of NaNoWriMo’s so far. This will be my...
  5. K

    Writing Life Stuck? Ways to Move Out of the Stuck-In-The-Middle Slump with Kathy Otten

    Is it writer's block or story structure that keeps your story car from moving forward? In this workshop we’ll look at the problem from both sides to help you find ways to get your story back on track. * More info to come in near future *
  6. Laura Drake

    Craft Advanced Writing with Laura Drake

    You know the feeling – when you start a book and immediately suspend disbelief to fall into the story world. As authors, we know that this isn’t easy to do. It takes more than a good scene. It takes a maestro of craft to pull it off. If you’re past problems with POV, character development and...
  7. Kris

    Craft Crafting Must-Read Backstory: Write Backstory Your Readers Are Dying to Read with Kris Kennedy

    Writers love backstory! We need backstory. It’s pain and motivation and the unique angles that make our characters sing and howl at the moon. It’s the whys and hows. It explains everything. Unfortunately, it can also kill story. Backstory can be deployed. Done right, it’s a weapon in our...
  8. LC Hayden

    Craft How to Write Dynamic Dialog with L. C. Hayden

    Award winning and bestselling author, L. C. Hayden, will guide you on how to turn your dialog into dynamic dialogue. Thus your dialogue will not only sound realistic and be perfectly punctuated, it will also reveal the character’s personality and help develop the plot. Once you've completed this...
  9. Sunny Irene Roth

    Writing Life How to Hold a Full-Time Job & Still Find Time to Write with Irene Roth

    Do you work full-time and are having trouble finding time, energy and motivation to write? Do you wish you could be a successful writer AND work full-time? Are you frustrated because you are not getting the results that you so richly deserve? If you answered the above questions in the...
  10. terrimain

    Craft Back to Basics: Basic Parts of Speech and How to Use Them with Terri Main

    How long has it been since your high school English class? Five years? Ten? Twenty? It depresses you to think about? However long it has been, you have probably forgotten much of what you learned (at least learned well enough to pass the course.) This is no disgrace. The same could be said of...