1. Stevens7_2000-yahoo.ie

    Craft Crafting a Page Turner with Steve Shrott

    Writing a book is a hard work, but writing a page-turner is even harder. Steve will teach the secrets that authors who write thrillers use to grab the reader from the opening sentence until the end. This workshop will show you, How to grab your reader from the opening paragraph The three...
  2. SuzanneJefferies

    Craft Tighten Your Writing with Suzanne Jefferies

    Show don’t tell, deep point of view, too many adverbs! How do you make your writing tighter, punchier, and hit all those tick-boxes? In this week-long workshop I’ll take you through the six steps to make sure your romance writing is everything you want it to be.
  3. Amdenisch

    World-Setting Comprehensive Worldbuilding - The Whole World View with Anna Denisch

    Throughout this 3-week workshop, writers will learn the ins and outs of worldbuilding and how to properly integrate information into their story. Week one will focus on macro-worldbuilding: how the world is shaped, what political powers are in play, and how religion and technology appear in...
  4. LC Hayden

    Craft Show, Don't Tell with LC Hayden

    We’ve all heard it: show, don’t tell. But what exactly does that mean? Award-winning author L. C. Hayden will address this and other important concerns. She will define the concept, show the reader how to tell which mode he’s in, and how to fix the problem. Hayden will then go an extra step...
  5. Pamela Jaye Smith

    Character ARCHEPATHS – 5 Character Paradigms for Any Story with Pamela Jaye Smith

    You know how important it is for a character to have internal integrity – and how difficult that can sometimes be. Here’s a helpful system from classical myths. Warrior, Monk, Scientist, Magician, Lover – find and develop the best ArchePath for your characters, regardless of gender...
  6. Sunny Irene Roth

    Business Yes, You Can Write for the Travel Industry AND Enjoy a Lucrative Side Income with Irene Roth

    Are you interested in writing for the travel industry? Do you want to visit great places and pass on what you learned to others who are hoping to visit that very place in the near future? Do you want to learn how to write travel articles about places right in your own neighborhood? Do you want...
  7. ineswrites

    Craft Serializing: Using the Structure of Episodic TV to Craft Your Serialized Novel with Ines Johnson

    Shows like Scandal and The Walking Dead pride themselves on the jaw dropping final few seconds of the show which have viewers eager to tune in the next week. Never hear another complaint about a cliffhanger ending again when you learn to plot your serialized novel like a season of a television...
  8. LC Hayden

    Character Developing Characters with Character with L.C. Hayden

    L.C. will show you how to create characters that live in the readers’ mind long after finishing your novel. The workshop will feature how to, Create vivid minor characters Give and handle your characters’ backstory Strike an emotion between the characters and the readers Build characters your...
  9. hank-quense

    Craft Mind-Mapping a Novel with Hank Quense

    The first draft of a novel needs consistency and continuity: the more the better the novel will be. Mind-maps offer a way to gain that consistency. What if you knew how to create mind-maps to ensure that consistency? And that continuity? What if you had a way to make sure your characters...
  10. Becky Martinez

    Craft Learn the Ins and Outs of Writing a Series with Becky Martinez

    Whether you want to write a long-term mystery series, a romance saga featuring one or two families or a fantasy trilogy that spans time and space, the joy of writing a series can be both challenging and rewarding. Readers may fall in love with one book and then want to read more with those...
  11. Beth Daniels

    Craft The Newbie Guide to Writing a First Series with Beth Daniels

    Today there are probably far more titles in ALL the popular fiction genres that fall under the umbrella of being part of a series than there are those that are standalone titles. A series, after all, can suck readers into your fictional world and keep them coming back for more and more and more...
  12. Writer's Bane: Research

    Writer's Bane: Research

    We all have the curse of a story that yearns to be written. The Writer's Bane is a curse and passion, both a want and need to tell a story. In this volume, discover ways to use research to help creates and enrich your characters, world, and plot. https://www.amazon.com/Writers-Bane-Research-Valerie-
  13. Sunny Irene Roth

    Writing Life Make 2021 Your Best Writing Year Yet! with Irene Roth

    Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels, getting nowhere in your writing career? Would you like to be more successful and more efficient in your writing career in 2021? Would you like to become prolific, overcome procrastination, perfectionism and writing block? If you answered any of...
  14. pjune-yahoo.com

    Mentoring and Coaching with Editorial Director and Author June Diehl

    Are you seeking a coach and mentor who listens? Doesn't squash your writing style? And who provides positive, constructive feedback to meet your goals? As a certified coach with a background in education and over a decade of working with writers, my goal is to offer you an individualized...
  15. Deborah Bailey

    Craft Creating Intimate Scenes without Going All the Way with Deb Bailey

    What's your favorite heat level for your books? Steamy or super-hot? Or maybe you'd rather leave the details behind closed doors. There's nothing wrong with showing everything or keeping it all under wraps. But you can still stir the reader's emotions while leaving some things under the covers...
  16. Angela Knight

    Craft Blastoff Beginnings: Writing Opening Chapters That Take Readers Along for the Ride w/ Angela Knight

    In this month-long online class, New York Times best-selling author Angela Knight discusses how to write a beginning that will have readers clicking the BUY button. Knight examines the elements that engage the reader’s curiosity and make her care about your characters. She will explain how to...
  17. Ariel Heart

    Plot-Structure Hybrid Pre-Plan Your Best Novel with Ariel Heart

    Do you get into writing and pouring your ideas out onto the page and hit a wall, unsure where your story should go next? Do you have a great idea with a few scenes in mind, but can't picture how to get a full story together? Do you have a few books you have started that sit on your computer...
  18. Becky Martinez

    Craft Adding Humor to Your Manuscript with Becky Martinez

    Have you ever thought of yourself as a comedy writer? Probably not. Many people don’t think they can ever write it, though they might love to read it. Any story, from romance to mystery to fantasy, can use a touch of comedy or light moments. Like any type of writing, certain elements of...
  19. Leslie

    WritingTool Scrivener

    Scrivener is the go-to app for writers of all kinds, used every day by best-selling novelists, screenwriters, non-fiction writers, students, academics, lawyers, journalists, translators and more. Scrivener won't tell you how to write—it simply provides everything you need to start writing and...
  20. pjune-yahoo.com

    Craft Mentoring and Coaching with Editorial Director and Author June Diehl

    Are you seeking a coach and mentor who listens? Doesn't squash your writing style? And who provides positive, constructive feedback to meet your goals? As a certified coach with a background in education and over a decade of working with writers, my goal is to offer you an individualized...