Show Don't Tell with LC Hayden

Craft Show Don't Tell with LC Hayden

I really enjoyed this class on show don't tell. There were some great examples of when to show and even some about when to tell.
The instructor had great insight into dialogue. The class was interesting and fun.
I appreciate that the instructor gave a lot of different ideas. It was nice to have a variety of things since different tactics might be more appropriate depending on where the author is in their career, plus people have different preferences and approaches they're comfortable with.
A thorough, organized, and clearly communicated class with lots of ideas and examples. LC was helpful in answering any questions asked.
I didn't get any new information out of this. I'd seen all these ideas in various blog posts before and I didn't have to pay for them. I didn't get any real insight, just the same ideas and suggestions.
The structure of this class was well-though out. L.C. also provided examples and suggestions in the class lecture that I hadn't thought of before and which really helped me either rethink my plot or consider something new. Her comments were very encouraging and I believe together with the instructions and her feedback, I can write my next mystery much faster and with more confidence. I highly recommend taking this class if offered again, and I look forward to other classes taught by L.C.!
I found this class to be both informative and fun! I would recommend a similar class taught by L.C. Hayden to anyone.
This course is very clear to follow and very informative for any writer looking to write a mystery or a thriller. L.C. Hayden used great examples to make her point and I feel, as an experienced writer of romance and historical fiction, that I've learned quite a lot that will be useful as I begin writing a mystery series. Very grateful for the information and can recommend this course. Many thanks and best wishes.
I thought the class was very comprehensive and informative. I learned multiple things regarding reviews that I'll be able to put info effect going forward. Well done.
Again, L.C. Hayden hit it out of the ballpark. This is the fourth class (Getting Reviews) I've taken with her, and I found it immensely helpful. In addition, I asked her questions in the lesson discussion area that were particular to my own writing and promotion, and she answered them in encouraging and informative ways. The content of her course and her individual encouragement made this class perfectly suited to my needs. I'm so glad that Savvy Authors keeps offering her classes to us; I learn from them every time!
Clear, helpful and informative. She was very active responding to our comments and questions.
Tons of information was presented in a friendly bite-size manner. LC was very helpful and inviting.
L.C. Is a great teacher. Generous with her time, fantastic ideas, and honest about success rates with various approaches. She is also an encourager. I look forward to taking more classes with her.
I really enjoyed this class. It's been a great time to refresh my writing skills and help it "sparkle". :) I would take more classes from LC Hayden if I can as well as recommend them.
The course was interesting and informative. She answered questions when asked and gave very good suggestions. Due to this class my story is better.
Very well structured and easy to follow. I particularly liked that the instructor would specifically point out when best to review and implement the technique such as during writing or during revision and editing.
another well-structured "supercourse" of L.C. Hayden - it compiled a LOT of Dialog Information and provided some handy "lists" - alone the "Punctuation" Lesson is worth it's wordlength in Gold.
Fully recommended!
Great class!
Well structured, lots of information, simple to understand examples and a patient and helpful instructor - couldn't have wished for more.
Show Don't Tell" turned from being my personal Nemesis into a "beast with a leash" - first time in my career, I think I can handle it.
Gained a much better understanding of the concept than through any of the books I've read ....
Not only was the instructor informative, adding great examples to clarify the theory, but she also had a very supportive approach. Writers need a writing community in which to thrive, and Ms. Hayden welcomes you in.
Everything was conveyed in a way that was easy to understand. She provided new information I had not known before (or just didn’t know that’s what I was doing) and gave applicable examples.