Use Misdirection to Craft a Great Mystery with Anna Denisch

Genre-Mystery-Crime Use Misdirection to Craft a Great Mystery with Anna Denisch

Great information in the class, but not enough. For the one week class, there were only two lessons with only a few points to make. I expected more. If I had spent this much on, say, a book for this information, I wouldn't have been very disappointed. However, there was also the opportunity to post a scene for feedback, and that does add considerable value.
I enjoyed the class with Anna and found her material very informative. From her lessons, it became clear that a plot twist needs to have a build up of tiny threads wound into the story, rather than just slide in from left field like a lightning bolt. Anna's lessons were clear and easy to understand, and gave me a lot to constructively consider. She was also kind enough to respond to my rambling story description in a positive and interested manner, for which I'm grateful. Thank you Anna for a most enjoyable week.
Anna provided plenty of detailed advice and pointers on how to build fictional worlds for our stories. She was also very responsive with feedback on any of the homework assignments I was able to complete during the course. I also liked that she had us create our own threads for the homework assignments. This meant that I could focus on just my world with each assignment and also go through and see how others were building their own worlds in their individual threads. It kept things much more streamlined that it would for each participant to comment in the homework threads altogether. All in all this was a great class that I'd recommend to anyone.
Lots of great information and generous willingness to give feedback. I didn't have time to do the exercises during the class but really appreciate the offer to get feedback beyond the end date.
Great class, with information I'll use over and over. Anna provided thoughtful, supportive, feedback and asked great questions that helped me take each next step. Highly recommend if you're new to worldbuilding (as I was)!
Good workshop on how to self-publish with plenty of useful information for any writer considering this as an option for getting their work out there.
Found her suggestions for all styles of writers to be excellent.
Thank you so much, Anna.
Delightfully useful class. Clarifying the meet-cute /trope, how useful and important elements they are to a romance novel and how to make meet cutes and other tropes unique or 'your own.' I signed up for a second class by this instructor, knowing I would gain from registering.
The content was great and I liked how the teacher had homework for those who'd finished their manuscripts and those who were still working on their WIPs.
This course gives you reason to think about your romance and how to change it up.
This was an excellent class. Anna is the kind of instructor you hope you'll always get—someone who explains clearly and shows good examples. My only reservation is that a week-long class just isn't enough time, especially when life (or in my case, work) gets in the way and you can't look at the lessons until the weekend, and then boom! the class is over. Luckily, I've copied out all of Anna's lessons and examples and I know I'll be able to do the homework on my own. But I would definitely take another one of Anna's classes!
Lots of great information. There are so many options/paths to publishing currently that keeping on top can be overwhelming. Nice to have nuggets of information to break the process down.
Great information! Very informative class with great content that made indiepublishing a little less scary to think about! I will be using all this information as I embark on my first indiepublishing endeavor.
Information was well presented, and the instructor was very kind and helpful. Definitely worth the time and money.
This was a very informative class for the price. The lessons were interesting and gave me a lot of ideas for critiquing my already-written mysteries.
Good information from class, Bury the Lead. The material was presented in a clear, concise manner with good examples.
I discovered something new - Magical Realism is NOT what I thought it was. I thought it was the kind of magic in Latin American stories by, say, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Maria Aranas, Paulo Coelho, Julia Alvarez, etc., but it also includes stories with non-human "creatures" such as witches and fairies. I love the first category and not so much the second . . . I was looking for info on how to incorporate imagery based on the first, but this course wasn't about that so I was disappointed.
Although short, this course was informative and the instructor was encouraging and responsive. In the absence of homework responses from other participants, she added several examples of her own to clarify what she had taught.
This was an amazing class. It helped me so much, it gave me clarity. I loved that the instructor gave examples of her own which made it easier for me to understand the process. The pace of the class was also really good, I didn't feel overwhelmed as I do sometimes.

Anna's comments and insights were really helpful and encouraging.

I love that she made it feel like a real workshop and got everyone involved. I really enjoyed seeing everyone's premises develop into a story over the course of the workshop. We had such a talented bunch of writers (I wanted to read everyone's story,hehe)

Anna is an amazing teacher! I hope she continues to teach here because I would love to take more of her classes =)