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Genre Writing Romantic Suspense with Becky Martinez

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Characters, Description/Setting, Editing, Dialogue, Structure, Genre, GMC, Plotting, POV, Voice, Worldbuilding
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Romantic suspense books remain as popular as ever. Who can resist a good mystery mixed with a torrid or delightful romance? But how do you write a story that will sell? What are the available genres and what are publishers looking for? How about your heroine and hero?

This class focuses on everything to do with romantic suspense. From constructing the plot, to coming up with a good hero and heroine to how to build suspense and mix in the romance, the class looks at all those fundamental elements. But there is more to writing romantic suspense. The mix must be just right and this class shows students how to make certain they don’t shortchange the mystery or ignore the romance. It also looks at the various genres and the current market for romance.
Becky Martinez
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