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Writing the Action Heroine Series with Jimmy Morris

Series Writing the Action Heroine Series with Jimmy Morris

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*** Please note that this is a four workshop series dedicated to aspects of creating a strong heroine ***

Premium Members $90 & Basic Members $120
Characters, Editing, Dialogue, Structure, Genre, GMC, Plotting, POV, Voice, Worldbuilding
Fight Like a Girl - Offend and Defend - 7/9-7/22/18
The way a body moves in a fight, when it's appropriate to fight offensively and how, and when you need to be on the defensive and how.

Think Like a Cop/PI - How to Recognize and Outwit the Bad Guys - 8/13-8/26/18
Investigative techniques, tools and how to put your character in the mindset of solving crimes.

Shoot Like A Boss - Weapons from Lipstick to Glocks - 9/10-9/23
What you need to know about weapons and how to shoot them. The right kind of gun for your heroine/hero, the right kind of ammo and the right way to shoot it (hint: holding it sideways like a gangster makes it really hard to aim).

Act Like a Heroine - Drink, Drive and Drop from Buildings - 10/8-10/21
All the action movie stuff you've always wanted your characters to do - from holding your liquor to driving like a racing champ to climbing and jumping - how to write action!
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