Writing the Thriller with Steve Shrott

Genre Writing the Thriller with Steve Shrott

Mr. Shrott provided great examples to make his points, made suggestions and answered our questions quickly. I'll definitely look for more of his classes. Thanks for offering this class!
Steve is a great instructor. His notes are an amazing reference tool and his feedback on the homework is so helpful to gain insights on areas where one's writing craft can improve. I have gained a tremendous amount from all of the classes I have taken. He takes the class siubject and walks the class through how to understand the genre and what components are necessary. I highly recommend this and any of his classes.
Steve Shrott was extremely thorough in lectures, giving feedback on homework assignments and answering questions. The assignments were very engaging and many students posted excellent work. He gave very thorough critiques and suggestions, while maintaining an infectious enthusiasm. He delivered on his promise to get students to come up with a thriller plot and outline by the end of the session. It worked for me!
Steve is clear and concise in his lessons. He gives an overview of the definition of a thriller and then walks students through the process of plotting a thriller. By the end of two weeks we had a story idea, book blurb, plot points leading to the midpoint, and further twists after the midpoint. We had an overview of our protagonist and antagonist. He gave valuable feedback along the way and his enthusiasm for the genre was contagious. Thank you!