Yes, You CAN Craft a Novel in 90 Days (or less) with bestselling author L.C. Hayden

Craft Yes, You CAN Craft a Novel in 90 Days (or less) with bestselling author L.C. Hayden

Not only was the instructor informative, adding great examples to clarify the theory, but she also had a very supportive approach. Writers need a writing community in which to thrive, and Ms. Hayden welcomes you in.
Everything was conveyed in a way that was easy to understand. She provided new information I had not known before (or just didn’t know that’s what I was doing) and gave applicable examples.
I thoroughly enjoyed the course! L.C. Hayden provided a clear, concise structure to get your novel done. The overall outline of the lessons not only worked seamlessly hand in hand with the tasks to achieve, but also explained the why and the whereabouts.
Each assignment took you 1 step further to your goal of writing the novel and the overall experience was guided by patient and helpful feedback. On top of this you got some pretty handy and clever tips & tricks to navigate you through some murky “author-at-loss” situations.
Very much looking forward to her next classes 
This class is phenomenal. L.C. Hayden is a knowledgeable instructor, and super motivating and helpful with her feedback. She provided great lesson material for which I will forever reference and use as a step-by-step process to guide me for future books. It has proven to be highly effective, for me. Lesson 1 we were given many inspirational prompts to incite new ideas, and I never imagined that in two weeks I would come as far as I have from those initial ideas. They evolved fast, and continued to do so with each lesson, thereafter. I am already writing the first draft writing, and will be taking her advice and amazing tips to the very end. She is amazing!!! I will most definitely be taking more of her classes in the future.
Very thorough and informative. L.C.Hayden is a great instructor who provides the necessary information, while maintaining a good pace.
This was one of the most valuable workshops I've taken. Not only was the information exactly what I had hoped for, but it was delivered in a short crisp easy-to-follow style. I thank you for presenting it, and will be using all your ideas to develop my next WIP. Thank you so much.
L.C. presented a lot of really useful information, with examples, in a logical and professional way (and she is the expert mystery writer--so she knows what she's talking about!). I learned a lot, and I now have a wonderful framework to work with as I continue writing my mystery. She is accessible and gives useful and encouraging feedback. I've taken several workshops from her and consider her my personal mentor. Thank you, L.C. I'll be back for more!--Nancy
L.C. provided great advice on how to construct a novel. I appreciated her feedback to different questions that were posed.
This class was excellent! L.C. had many great approaches to share, and she was very helpful and active in the discussions surrounding the lessons. I feel way more set up for success than at this point in my last novel. Can't wait for my next class with L.C.!
This is one of the best novel writing class I've ever taken. L.C. has done a wonderful job of breaking it down so even a pantster can change their ways!
I'm having an easier time making progress on a first draft thanks to LC's insights, and her quick, enthusiastic responses to questions made the class fun. I'm glad I signed up for this workshop!
L.C. Hayden from very helpful and provided feedback to assist in the learning process. This class was very helpful, because I really needed to learn about story structure. I would recommend this to other pantsers.
Excellent, useful material that every writer can use as reference. Knowledgeable instructor, published author, who gave helpful comments and answered all questions thoroughly.
The information very helpful and hands on. The class covered many areas with examples to help you visualize the explanations.
I really enjoyed this class! Very informative and laid out in a very concise and easily absorbed manner.
This was an excellent class, as was LC Hayden's previous ones. Her notes are informative, systematic and organized, allowing one to comprehend the genre and rules to create such a story/novel. Her methods build a strong fountain to create an amazing story, with no flaws or missing components. I highly recommend this class and the instructors other classes. Thank you so much!
I thought this class was very informative. It broke down each step into easy to understand steps which help the student to feel less overwhelmed by all of the information. It can now be seen in smaller, easier to accomplish steps.
Excellent class, instructor and notes. I learned many new ways of improving my writing. I'm so glad I took this class.
Excellent reference material on how to build tension and suspense. I take everything LC has to offer because, not only is she a talent writer, but also she gives you great feedback and takes time to answer all of your questions. Thanks, LC. Another super course.
Excellent material with tips on making likable and unique characters. LC always answers questions generously and even gave feedback on a character description I wrote. I recommend any and every course she teaches.