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Nikki Babri at Tule Publishing

Currently looking for:

Tule Publishing's one goal is to publish fantastic stories by the best writers. We are currently looking for Western romances featuring cowboys, bull riders, and ranchers in a tightly connected series, Contemporary romances with fresh takes on classic romance tropes, #OwnVoices stories, Romantic comedies, Holiday romances (including Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, etc.) and Mysteries (including thrillers, police procedurals, women sleuths, etc.)

About Nikki:

Nikki Babri is an Associate Editor and Marketing Manager for Tule Publishing, an independent publisher bringing readers the best in commercial fiction. Whether you’re in the mood for sexy or sweet, Tule brings you fresh, modern, and exciting plots and beloved classic romance. After getting her BA in English and Communications from the University of California, Davis, she joined Tule Publishing in 2019. She has a strong passion for diverse stories, particular those featuring Middle Eastern characters. When she’s not reading, Nikki enjoys going on adventures with her adorable pup, Belle—named after the book-loving heroine, of course!

About Tule Publishing:

Since being founded in 2013, Tule Publishing has published almost 900 books by more than 200 authors from all over the world. Although Tule began with a focus on contemporary romance, today Tule acquires all genres of romance and women's fiction, as well as mystery titles.

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Yelena Casale, CMO, Executive Editor, City Owl Press

Currently looking for: Acquiring for the main line of City Owl Press.

  • I'm looking for strong unique urban fantasy and paranormal romance (especially shifters) with series plans or series potential. Complex characters and lots of action.
  • In addition, I'm also looking for sweet or steamy small town romance, and contemporary romance set in unique or exotic places (including Europe).
  • Finally, I'm looking for historical romance that takes place during Renaissance or in Medieval times. Length: 60K to 90K Adult only, no YA. All steam levels welcome up to but not including erotica.

About Yelena:

YELENA CASALE, co-founder of City Owl Press, is a USA Today Bestselling Author and editor, who highly prizes quality and professionalism. She earned a Master of Science in Publishing from New York University and has always been interested in everything literature and publishing. Over the past decade, she has edited numerous fiction and non-fiction works, including novels, short stories, articles and business documentation for a variety of organizations, charities, and presses. She’s a highly experienced social media strategist and marketing expert. She is keen to share a wealth of knowledge with authors, bringing her editorial skills, expertise, and great enthusiasm to the mix. She loves strong urban fantasy and paranormal romance, as well as medieval, Renaissance and Native American historical romance. She's also open to contemporary and small town romance.

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Theresa Cole, Editor, Owl City Press

*I'm always on the hunt for a hot-as-hell, sexy-as-sin paranormal romance series with complex characters, multiple species, plenty of tension, and laughable moments.

I'd also love to find a prolific author who can write and release multiple novellas per year on a faster release schedule. (30k-45k, high heat, any genre fitting Mystic Owl guidelines)

Adult Romance between 30k-100k:

  • why choose paranormal romance, urban/fantasy/steampunk romance, sci-fi romance, magical realism
  • tropey romance with new twists
  • laugh-out-loud romantic comedies in any of the aforementioned sub-genres
  • super sexy, atmospheric gothic romance without ghosts
  • light-hearted, humorous, small town paranormal romance (Hart of Dixie + True Blood)

(The higher the heat, the better. All paranormal species and partner combinations welcome, but I'm not a huge fan of ghosts or zombies.)

*Please keep in mind that contemporary isn't my top choice, so to win me over to one, the writing and voice need to be exceptional.

About Theresa:

THERESA COLE has been working in the publishing industry since 2009. She’s edited across many genres and worked with several award-winning authors. Theresa specializes in paranormal romance and urban fantasy, but any story with compelling characters and an interesting plot will definitely grab her attention. Her true love will always be gritty, dark, sink-your-teeth-in paranormal romance with the old-school feel of JR Ward or Lara Adrian, but don’t let that stop you from sending her your paranormal romcom. (She’s been hunting for a paranormal Hart of Dixie since she watched the television series ten years ago.) If you can make her laugh, cry, or sit on the edge of her seat while taking her on an escape from the ordinary, send it her way. Theresa was born and raised in Michigan’s tip of the mitt, where she still resides. Wife to the best husband ever and mom to five fab men, she loves sunshine, coffee, camping, and motorcycle riding. Find her and her wish list on Twitter at @TheresaMCole.

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Melissa Rechter at Crooked Lane Books and Alcove Press

Currently looking for:

  • For Crooked Lane:
    • cozy mysteries
    • thrillers
    • horror
    • historical mysteries
    • traditional mysteries

She'd love to find the next Lucy Foley, Alyssa Cole, or Jennifer Hillier. She loves books that deal with cults, complicated family dynamics, poisonous plants, small town secrets, and locked room mysteries.

  • For Alcove Press:
    • bookclub fiction
    • romcoms
    • historical fiction
    • speculative fiction.

She is looking for stories that center around found families and female friendships. She’s looking for authors in the vein of Katherine Center, Stacey Agdern, Kristin Hannah, or Kiley Reid.

About Melissa and Crooked Lane Books:

Melissa Rechter joined Crooked Lane Books in 2019, after graduating with a BA in English Literary Studies from York College of Pennsylvania and a MS in Publishing from Pace University. She has had the pleasure to work with ITW nominees, New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, as well as a myriad of talented writers.

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Rachel Gilmer at Sourcebooks

Currently looking for:

    I’m looking for engaging and compelling uplit women’s fiction and single title romance. I love stories that make me feel optimistic and happy, especially those with an authentic voice and fresh perspective, though I don’t shy away from high stakes and projects that make me cry. Any trope or theme that captures readers’ emotions and makes them feel like part of the story is absolutely welcome.

  • Light paranormal romance, especially paranormal romantic comedy
  • Gothic romance—something deeply atmospheric with an authentic sense of place
  • Uplit, feel-good women’s fiction
  • Dark/darkly funny women’s fiction and romantic comedy (along the lines of Dead Romantics and/or Love in the Time of Serial Killers)
  • Bookish and/or workplace romantic comedy

About Rachel and Sourcebooks:

Rachel Gilmer is an assistant editor for Sourcebooks, acquiring genre fiction for Sourcebooks imprints Casablanca and Poisoned Pen Press. She is looking for commercial fiction (adult) in romance, women’s fiction, horror, and thriller, and particularly loves high-concept hooks that she hasn’t heard before or that take a fresh angle and make a classic trope feel new. She especially likes stories that incorporate strong friendships and whose world-building brings her into the fold. She loves developing ideas with her authors and welcomes unagented submissions.

Sourcebooks’ mission is to reach as many people as possible through books that will enlighten their lives. We are a company bound together by the idea that Books. Change. Lives.
For us, it means a passion for books and a dedication to the belief that books change lives. It means innovative publishing, where every book is personal and every author’s voice has a place. And it means not being afraid to say “I don’t know” and forging a new path when we have to.
We are a group of passionate, energetic, and enthusiastic book lovers, and we are committed to helping readers experience each book.

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Gnome Road Publishing

Currently looking for: We are currently acquiring children's picture books for ages 3 to 8. Our wish list can be found on our website, www.gnomeroadpublishing.com. Presently we are most interested in STEAM-themed poetry collections, informational fiction or narrative nonfiction, humor (with purpose), and stories of customs, events, and places throughout the world and within distinct settings (*own voices where appropriate, please).

About Gnome Road Publishing:

We produce books that engage and inform, develop and strengthen a love for reading, and bring smiles and laughter to the world. Our books are made with all readers in mind and with a focus on the "R" factor ... Re-Readability! We want them to be read time and again, to be cherished, and to light the way on a lifetime of reading adventures.

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Michael Dolan at Winding Road Publishing

Currently looking for: We are looking for YA and adult; all heat levels of romance from sweet to spicy (no erotica please). They must have a HEA. We love fresh takes on classic tropes with relatable characters. And we are especially looking for rom-coms and romances written by a diverse group of authors.

About Winding Road Publishing:

Winding Road Stories is a traditional book publisher that was founded with the aim of developing the manuscripts of emerging writers from all genres/backgrounds to create ambitious books. Nearly all of the projects we develop have an eye toward film/television.

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Jocelyn Travis at Sourcebooks

Currently looking for: I’m looking for romance and contemporary fiction with a fresh take and immersive storytelling. I especially love stories with rich characters and a world that readers can escape into. Pitches that celebrate diversity and different cultures and communities are welcome and loved! I am open to all kinds of genres, from romcom and contemporary romance to uplit women’s fiction to historical or timeslip/speculative elements to commercial fantasy romance and magical realism. Right now, please don’t send me any high fantasy, mystery, or romances with social media influencers or reality TV.

About Jocelyn:

Jocelyn Travis’s love for reading started long before she began her career in publishing. Now a member of the romance and genre fiction team at Sourcebooks, she is never short on titles to add to her TBR! She shares Sourcebook’s mission to reach as many people as possible through books and the idea that Books. Change. Lives—for readers and for authors. When she’s not in a cozy sun-lit corner editing or sucked into an immersive story, she’s listening to or performing music, watching the latest steamy historical drama, or trying new recipes from cultures all over the world (especially Korean food).

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