1. F.T. Bradley

    Genre YAlit 101: Writing for Teens with F.T. Bradley

    Ever thought of writing books for teens? Young Adult (YA) fiction is a hot market, and many authors alternate their novel writing work for adults with YA. As vibrant as the teen book market is, there are some skills you’ll need to pick up to be a successful YA fiction writer. This two-week...
  2. C

    Character He Said/She Said: The Differences in Male and Female POV with Chris Cox

    Are men and women really that much different? Have you ever wondered what the other gender really thinks? Author Chris Cox has had real life experience as a woman and now as a man since he transitioned in the last few years. Being transgender and being an author, Chris has special insight into...
  3. Barbara Josselsohn

    Craft Let Your Characters Find Your Story! with Barbara Solomon Josselsohn

    Many aspiring novelists know deep inside that they have a great story to tell, but it can be hard to transfer that feeling into meaningful scenes and chapters. In this intensive, writers will use an approach to writing that begins with developing a deep understanding of a character and then...