1. TereMichaels

    Plot-Structure Gut Punch: Using Emotional Conflict as Plot with Tere Michaels

    When we start writing, we have an idea of how our readers will react to our stories. Do we want them to laugh? Cry? Gasp? Compose angry letters in their heads because how dare we? And what is the key to making that happen in the story? We create our characters and their internal journeys with...
  2. MelindaCurtis

    Plot-Structure Hack Your Way to Good Conflict with Melinda Curtis

    Do your characters have nice, worry-free lives? Do you flounder in the middle of your story wondering what happens? Does your head hurt every time you try to add more conflict to your story? If so, join Melinda Curtis for a weeklong course on how to Hack Your Way to Conflict. In this interactive...
  3. Brenda Chin

    Pacing-Tension MASTER CLASS: Creating Conflict that Works with Brenda Chin

    Award-winning editor Brenda Chin has worked in the romance industry for more than 32 years. Throughout her many years with Harlequin, she had the opportunity to work with some of the best writers in the business, often buying their first book. Brenda is offering her expertise to help authors go...
  4. K

    Plot-Structure Bumps in the Road—Building Conflict in Your Story with Multi-Published Author Kathy Otten

    Do you want to write a story your reader can't put down? In this workshop we'll examine what conflict is and how uncertainty and failure build drama and tension in your story. Week One--What is Conflict? A. External Conflict B. Internal Conflict Week Two--Increasing External Conflict A...
  5. SuzanneJefferies

    Genre Romance Writers: Getting to Grips with Inner Conflict with Suzanne Jefferies

    What makes a great romance novel is the inner conflict that the lovers experience. Yet, working out our characters' inner conflict can be intimidating! But, it needn’t be. In this workshop, we’ll talk about: What inner conflict is Why inner conflict is important How to create inner conflict...
  6. Landra Graf

    Pacing-Tension 5 W's of Conflict with Landra Graf

    Conflict is the reason stories happen. Conflict is keeping a romance from blossoming, a hero from reaching his goal, a villain trying to stop a hero, or even a killer from being stopped. Nine times out of ten a book falls flat because the conflict is non-existent and in this one-week course...
  7. Deborah Bailey

    Genre How to Maintain Romantic Conflict with Deb Bailey

    Without conflict there is no story. Your characters have to grow and they have to be challenged. They fall in love, break up and make up until the HEA or HFN. How do you keep the tension and conflict as they go through their story arc? What keeps them going and what conflicts do they have to...
  8. terrimain

    Craft Developing a Premise and a Story Arc with Terri Main

    We combine Premise and Story Arc into the first course. The premise forms the foundation and a way to test the story idea which leads to creating a story arc. Here's the description of the course: You have an idea for a novel, but it takes more than a vague idea to have a viable story premise...
  9. Angela Knight

    Craft Conflict as the Building Blocks of Plot and Character with Angela Knight

    Without conflict, there is no story. Plots are built of blocks of conflict—internal, external and romantic. In this lesson, Angela discusses tools you can use to brainstorm your conflicts and design characters who butt heads.