How to Maintain Romantic Conflict with Deb Bailey

Genre How to Maintain Romantic Conflict with Deb Bailey

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Without conflict there is no story. Your characters have to grow and they have to be challenged. They fall in love, break up and make up until the HEA or HFN. How do you keep the tension and conflict as they go through their story arc? What keeps them going and what conflicts do they have to work through?

In this class we'll cover how to keep the story (and the romance) going as their emotions rise and fall – and rise again.

1. Who are your hero/heroine and what are they searching for?

2. You've brought them together, but what is the thing that drives them apart?

3. Are they really perfect together? How to determine what they need to do to make their relationship work

4. Fitting the romance into the overall story if you're only including romantic elements

5. How to let go and let your characters be themselves. It's okay if they don't always get along.

6. Conflict isn't just about having disagreements. What do their needs contrast and where are they similar?

7. How to keep the tension going. Just because they're committed doesn't mean the relationship has to be boring.
Deborah Bailey
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Nov 30, 2020 at 9:00 AM
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Dec 13, 2020 at 1:00 AM
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I appreciated Deb getting into my assignments and asking excellent questions that truly made me think and go deeper into the minds of my characters. I've also signed up for another one of her classes in January 2021.
Although due to my work schedule I couldn't participate as I hoped, the class was what I needed. The instructor did assist me tremendously with feedback that helped and solved issues I had with with my work in progress. Thank you!
I really enjoyed this class. Deb helped me sort out my story and asked insightful and helpful questions. She provided great examples and resources that enabled me to improve my writing. I'd definitely take more classes with her.
I gave the rating a five for the instructor. Her questions were insightful and caused me to be very thoughtful in outlining my WIP. Deborah gave helpful feedback.
Not sure if my rating was tallied. It lit up but didn't stay lit .Also, I could not access any of the technical instructions because I could not download the information in "Announcement" with Edge.