1. Landra Graf

    Discussion Conflict Brainstorming!

    Happy Saturday everyone, We're in the homestretch and this is probably my favorite part of a class, brainstorming. I love generating ideas, even if they aren't always used, and discussing story possibilities. So here's your opportunity to brainstorm with us. From macro to micro, list where...
  2. C

    Crit Group SavvyAuthors' IndieCafe Crit Matching Program

    Finding a good crit partner who will follow you through all the books in your series is a tough one. They don't get paid. They just hope you'll do the same for them--and that's what SavvyAuthors is all about. Writers helping writers. So, with that in mind, let us help you find your forever crit...
  3. Laurie E. Smith

    Homework Laurie E. Smith, critique by AS Abrams

    “Where Darkness Falls” Chapter 1 Excerpt © Laurie E. Smith 2018 ***************************************** Paul Jordan desperately needed to take a piss, on top of all of his other problems at the moment. His eyes darted from person to person in the circle of twelve that surrounded him, their...
  4. Pat Hauldren

    Challenge! Challenge 1 -- 1st 3 pages

    So we've finished our first week and halfway into our second. Our class ends this Sunday, always too soon for me! I'll be posting more this week for us to read and catch up on. Please remember, you can answer or discuss any time any time. If you have questions, even after the class is over...
  5. S

    Intros & Newbies New here, looking for critique partner for YA Fantasy

    Hi All, I'm new to I haven't tried to find a critique partner until now, but I read this is a good place to find one. If I'm in the wrong forum for searching for critique partners, please redirect me. Thanks! Shina
  6. PauletteN

    Discussion Critique: A Scene from AVR5, Ch 40

    NOTES: A month earlier, Gillian left the trackers because, after cleaning a digital infection sent from a saboteur from outside the simulation from Marko’s system, Marko left the team in shame. However, the rest didn’t know that and, through whispers in his dreams, Jethrik questions Gillian’s...
  7. PauletteN

    Discussion Critique: Scene from AVR 5, Ch 37 (a second one)

    NOTE: Just a light moment in the “save the world” quest. I thought it was fun. Also, as Gillian can access the simulation’s libraries, back in Part Two, she had downloaded the hand-to-hand combat files while on the run from the invading force she now seeks to defeat so she’s quite good at...
  8. PauletteN

    Discussion Critique: Scene from AVR5, Ch 39

    NOTES: Back in Part One, Joshua’s avatar was cut off from his main AI system outside the simulation when access to the simulation was locked down. As his avatar was not designed to operate alone, his programming slowly became unstable as he has no external power source. Gillian tied him to her...
  9. PauletteN

    Discussion Critique: Scene from AVR 5, Ch 37

    NOTES: We’d since learned that Jethrik is a were-bear. They call themselves Bears and are part of the Bear Clan. He became one through contamination so his sister is not a Bear. He fought it, using his iron will to avoid changing into the monster. As strong emotions led to the change which led...
  10. PauletteN

    Discussion Critique: Scene from AVR 5, Ch 36

    NOTES: I am sure there are a few things that won't quite make sense since there are four books before this. I'll explain whatever you need and I'm happy to share the first for books in Mobi (kindle) or ePub formats to any who want the full background. I should also note that Gillian is...
  11. Leslie

    Expert Event Speed Dating for Crit Partners: Winter 2019 Edition

    Last year we stumbled over a great new way to find critique partners. The response was so positive we are running this again! Finding a critique partner can be one of the most difficult parts of writing, but having a crit partner that understands your work - and you - can make the difference...
  12. Leslie

    Crit Camp Mini Speed Dating for Crit Partners!

    Finding a critique partner can be one of the most difficult parts of writing but having a critique partner that understands your work and you can make the difference between writing success and limping along. We have tried all the different ways to find crit partners and found each of them just...