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SavvyAuthors' IndieCafe Crit Matching Program
Finding a good crit partner who will follow you through all the books in your series is a tough one. They don't get paid. They just hope you'll do the same for them--and that's what SavvyAuthors is all about. Writers helping writers. So, with that in mind, let us help you find your forever crit partner--because they do exist. You just have to know where to look.

Every two weeks (or more) SavvyAuthors will run the Crit Matching Tool and match up everyone who has opted in for that period. For all the deets check out our overview of the program and the FAQ or head back to the Indie Cafe' to find out when the next match choice will be run.
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I have one CP who is both a fabulous writer and editor. We have been working together for many months and both want to continue.
I wanted another but the last one I was paired with responded once than heard nothing since.
After many years of searching and going through many CPs I've learned there are those, and I am guilty of this also, whose work isn't quit ready or in a different place than the other CP or they stop putting in the time.
I hope to find another more than one pair of eyes is always beneficial.
Maybe those of us who haven't found a CP could pair up?
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The program worked well for me, because I was matched with another romance writer, which meant we went into it understanding the tropes and expectations for our genre. I found her critique very helpful and I'm hoping she felt the same way about me.
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I enjoy the program. I matched with other writers in my genre. I think maybe the program could open up to match crit partners with people outside their chosen genre or have that option when signing up because I certainly read more than YA, which is the genre I write in currently. Also, I'd maybe consider offering another crit program featuring small group critiques with maybe 3-4 people so that feedback is more well-rounded and features a variety of voices.
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It was interesting. The other person's story was intriguing.

I've found that Science fiction is different. One can't review the common writing aspects. I have taken many classes and find that the person who is not into science fiction does not understand it.
Science fiction is not the same as fantasy.
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Initially, I was very happy with the exchanges but the program wasn’t sustainable as I haven’t had a partner for two months. I was open to reading other genres but unless others are also open I suspect I haven’t been matched.
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Neither of my crit partners/matches replied to my posts reaching out to them. So far I haven't been able to benefit from the program.
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