Speed Dating for Crit Partners: Winter 2019 edition

Special Event Speed Dating for Crit Partners: Winter 2019 edition

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Last year we stumbled over a great new way to find critique partners. The response was so positive we are running this again!

Finding a critique partner can be one of the most difficult parts of writing but having a crit partner that understands your work and you can make the difference between writing success and limping along. We have tried all the different ways to find crit partners and found each of them just does not hit the mark.

  • How do you find someone who writes like you?
  • Who shares your writing goals and is willing to help you while you help them?

We're taking a page from one of the most successful dating experiences: Speed Dating and during the months of January and February we will have an event that matches you with a series of crit partners for one week of guided critiquing activities! Then we'll go to the next partner and critique again. By the end of the event, you will have critiqued and had your work critiqued by 5 people who like you are looking for that perfect critique partner. Will you find a match? We cannot say for sure, but we can say that we will provide a safe, fun and mentored way to work through the process!

Come join us for two months of Crit Speed Dating and find your match!
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Week 1: Learn the basics of critique
Weeks 2-6: Critique 5 different chapters from 5 different people and have your chapters critiqued by same. Meanwhile, learn different critique tools and techniques each week.
Week 7: Finish up and see if you have found a mutual match!
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