1. Diane Culver

    Proofreader Practical Proofing

    From their website: Those of you who are mid-way through a multiple book series may find yourselves in need of a sensible way to keep track of characters, places and events. I have been working to perfect a series bible format that will make the chore of keeping your stories consistent and...
  2. Diane Culver

    Editor Excellence in Editing

    From their website: Whether you're submitting to a major publisher, querying agents, or planning to self-publish, a second pair of eyes is a must before letting that manuscript or partial out of your hands. Sure, the world loves a great story, but the world embraces a great, well-told story...
  3. Dawn_McClure

    Editor Jennifer Herrington

    From Jennifer's Website: Jennifer, a perpetual student, lover of academics, and a complete bookworm, has spent the majority of her adult-life enrolled in higher education. She’s attended the University of Waterloo for English Literature, Conestoga College for Radio and Television Broadcasting...