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Jennifer Herrington
From Jennifer's Website: Jennifer, a perpetual student, lover of academics, and a complete bookworm, has spent the majority of her adult-life enrolled in higher education. She’s attended the University of Waterloo for English Literature, Conestoga College for Radio and Television Broadcasting, and Simon Fraser University for a general editing certificate. She’s currently working toward completing a certificate in publishing at Ryerson University with a specialization in editing books for young adults. She’s a member of the Editors Association of Canada, the Editorial Freelancers Association, and the Academy of Copy Editors Society. Her list of clients includes award-winning and bestselling fiction writers (mainly romance) in all genres from young adult to women’s fiction and everything in between. Before editing fiction, she edited, wrote, and designed safety and technical equipment manuals, and also spent five years at a daily newspaper as a sports reporter and feature writer.

Jennifer is a freelance production/content editor for Lyrical Press and offers her freelance editing services to independent authors. She’s also spent time as a content editor and copy editor at the now-defunct Three Worlds Press, Breathless Press, and Lycaon Press. Jennifer spent three years as an intern for Entangled Publishing; where she found her love and passion for critically examining plot structure, character arcs, and writing mechanics.
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Jennifer did a FANTASTIC job editing my book. She started off with an eight-page, detailed editorial letter that focused on GMC, story ARC, character name it. For my second round of edits I received a three-page editorial letter (same thing...GMC/ARCs...just making everything as strong as it could be) and in-manuscript track-change edits. Jennifer was professional, fast and friendly.
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