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    The Last Kingdom meets Game of Thrones What happens when a father rests the kingdom's fate on a son who despises the crown when there is another son who is desperate to wear it? Sebastian's journey of discovery is only beginning,
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    With dreams of becoming a warrior, Curuthannor embarks on a quest into the Shadow Realm for the merciless high elf king. Meanwhile, handmaiden Lhéwen finds herself trapped alone in a foreign land after the elf princess mounts an escape. With lives at stake, each must discover their power to defeat t
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    Rie, an elite human warrior, serves as a lowly messenger in a realm ruled by elves. When she faces execution for treason, can she survive long enough to uncover the truth? An action-packed fantasy adventure!
  8. Fighting for Home:  Descendants of the Amazoi Book 1

    Fighting for Home: Descendants of the Amazoi Book 1

    300 B.C. tribes of warrior women battle to save their homeland. Some die; some find love. All are changed forever!
  9. The Watchers Book One: In The Valleys Of The Earth

    The Watchers Book One: In The Valleys Of The Earth

    The only thing more dangerous than their their enemies!
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    Sedona Series: Book One Fairy Rose, Book Two Emerald's Cove and Book three Agartha Lara Clint, a skilled modern day daemon hunter hears a voice beckoning her to awaken and re
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    This novel is Shakespeare's Worst Nightmare. It takes two of the Bard's most famous plays, Hamlet and Othello, and recasts them with fantasy characters in a place called Gundarland. Hamlet is a dwarf and Othello is a dark elf. Iago and his wife, Emilia, are trolls.
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    A long time ago, at the beginning of this fantasy adventure, Bohan was a king. But that was before the sleep spell. Now that he’s awake again, it’s time for a quest to get revenge. Fantasy humor doesn’t better than this.