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Oct 9, 2022
1. We're always day-dreaming fantastic things.
2. We're always researching and skill-building - it's a way of life.
3. We're always trying to find more time to write.
4. We're always spotting another typo and pondering how to reword things.
5. We're always sneaking off to read.

Hello! I'm T. L. Ford - I go by T or Theresa. I've self-published 8 books, and helped 3 other authors format, finalize, and upload their own books. I have fantasy, sci-fi/speculative fiction, thriller, art, and math books. I'm variegated - also a programmer and an artist. I'm looking forward to learning new skills and making new friends.

- T
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Hi Theresa!

Welcome to SavvyAuthors! I love your glorious list of things we have in common. It's so true!

Congratulations on your publishing journey. You sound like you are a fountain of knowledge. We are SO excited to have you join our writing community.

Please don't hesitate to shout if you have any questions or need anything.

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