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    Genre Honey, There is something Not Exactly Human at the Door with Beth Daniels

    HONEY, THERE IS SOMETHING NOT EXACTLY HUMAN AT THE DOOR: PARANORMAL, SUPERNATURAL, LEGENDARY AND ALIEN CHARACTURES There probably used to be a sign on the casting office’s door that said, “Nonhumans Need Not Apply”, but that sign went the way of the dodo…one of them probably carried it off the...
  2. Terry Odell

    Genre 12 Steps to Intimacy with Terry Odell

    In 1971, anthropologist Desmond Morris published "Intimate Behavior", in which he explored the development of relationships. Some years later, Linda Howard took the twelve steps Morris describe and applied them to the world of romance writing. Ever wonder why sometimes a touch is sexy and...
  3. ineswrites

    Genre Writing to Market in Romance with Ines Johnson

    We’ve all heard the term Write to Market. But it doesn’t mean you can’t write the book of your heart. With a few tweaks that book could appeal to a hungry market. Learn to do the research and plotting necessary to hit reader expectations, nail the tropes, and march to the right beats in the...