1. SarahMBeth

    Intros & Newbies Hello!

    Hi everyone! My name is Sarah. I write YA/NA fantasy and am currently working on a YA urban fantasy trilogy. The first book is currently up on WattPad for critique and review :) I'm new to Savvy Authors, so not sure what this site is all about! Thought I'd just jump in and introduce myself.
  2. G G Fiezmont

    Intros & Newbies Ready to become more active

    Hello all, I'm Genevieve, a newbie. I've been lurking for a while and getting to know Savvy Authors. Now I'm ready to become more active. I write speculative fiction that blends in elements of romance and maybe fantasy. I never feel quite knowledgeable enough about these genres. I worked out a...
  3. Jennifer Snow

    Intros & Newbies Hi Everyone!

    Hi Everyone! So happy to be here and looking forward to getting to know all of you:) I'm Jen and I write contemporary romance for Harlequin, Grand Central and Berkley/NAL. I'm excited about the courses offered here through Savvy Authors and the networking opportunities, so please reach out to...
  4. Angela Knight

    Craft Blastoff Beginnings: Writing Opening Chapters That Take Readers along for the Ride w/ Angela Knight

    In this month-long online class, New York Times best-selling author Angela Knight discusses how to write a beginning that will have readers clicking the BUY button. Knight examines the elements that engage the reader’s curiosity and make her care about your characters. She will explain how to...