Hi everyone! I'm MJ, writer and game dev from Toronto. Found the site through the Twitter Pitch Party calendar, and always excited to connect with other writers!

In terms of where I'm at with some semblance of a writing career, I'm currently querying agents with a new queer YA romance I finished a first draft of in the fall. I had a full manuscript request from an agent I'd really love to work with, so I'm currently waiting hell! o_O I also have a couple titles under my belt, Murder at the World's Fair, a YA steampunk murder mystery, and Queer Werewolves Destroy Capitalism, a very much not-YA collections of sci-fi smut!

Hope everyone's having a great 2023 so far, and excited to participate in some pitch events with folks!
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We are always happy to see new faces! You are just in time for our February Pitchfest!
I've not heard of the Twitter Pitch Party but now I have to go check that out.
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