plot development

  1. Amdenisch

    Craft From Premise to Plot with Anna Denisch

    A class designed to take the idea and opening scenes of a story and turn it into a full-fledged finished product. Using a method involving character needs and oppositions, writers will learn to churn out a list of ideas, create detailed scenes from those ideas, and figure out the best ending...
  2. Story Design: a series of lectures.

    Story Design: a series of lectures.

    Do you have one or more ideas for a story but aren’t sure what to do with it? Learn how to develop your idea into a story with author Hank Quense. During his Story Design series of lectures you’ll build your characters, create a plot, design the scenes and more.
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  4. G

    Craft Writing Well Plotted Erotica with Genie Davis

    Writing erotica means sexy - but it doesn't mean plotless or scatological. The art of erotic phrasing, how to keep a story going yet still "hot," and what women want in terms of erotic subjects are all part of this class in which assignments will be critiqued.