1. Amdenisch

    Craft From Premise to Plot with Anna Denisch

    A class designed to take the idea and opening scenes of a story and turn it into a full-fledged finished product. Using a method involving character needs and oppositions, writers will learn to churn out a list of ideas, create detailed scenes from those ideas, and figure out the best ending...
  2. Peter Andrews

    Craft Promise of the Premise with Peter Andrews

    What’s your story about? When people ask this question, they are interested in the concept behind it, the idea that makes it intriguing. They want an answer that raises questions and suggests possibilities. As a writer, you want these things, too. After all, if your story’s a novel, you’ll need...
  3. terrimain

    Craft Developing a Premise and a Story Arc with Terri Main

    We combine Premise and Story Arc into the first course. The premise forms the foundation and a way to test the story idea which leads to creating a story arc. Here's the description of the course: You have an idea for a novel, but it takes more than a vague idea to have a viable story premise...