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    “MARKED RAVEN is, hands down, one of the most original stories I have ever read... There are loads of humorous lines, action galore, mystery, a bit of magic, a lot of paranormal, and the main character I couldn’t get enough of." "J.B. Dane is a paranormal author to binge-read"


    Otherworld evil is loose in the real world. Bram Farrell, Private Investigator, must track it down and destroy it before it destroys him. "Bram is comedy gold if you happen to enjoy sarcasm, dark humor and caustic comebacks." "...a really fun book with a great character"
  3. Beth Daniels

    Genre Mixing Murder & Magic: Writing The Urban Fantasy P.I. to Life with Beth Daniels

    I picked up my first urban fantasy book to read after watching a short-lived series on the SciFi Channel, (as it was once known) called The Dresden Files. I’d tuned in because of a short mention in the newspaper TV listings about a show with a wizard named Harry who was the star of a bestselling...
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    When a woman linked to the supernatural, discovers her adoptive mother’s journal holds a cryptic mystery, she and her closest friends race to uncover a secret matriarchal society safeguarded by mystical unseen forces.
  7. The Watchers Book One: In The Valleys Of The Earth

    The Watchers Book One: In The Valleys Of The Earth

    The only thing more dangerous than their chemistry...is their enemies!
  8. Beth Daniels

    Genre Scene of the Paranormal Crime with Beth Daniels

    Do the names Jim Butcher, Kim Harrison, Ben Aaronovitch, Lisa Shearin, Mike Carey, Karen Marie Moning, Jonathan Howard, Kate Griffin, Kevin Hearne, Daryinda Jones, or Benedict Jacka ring a bell with you? They are merely some of the many writers who mix magic, paranormal, supernatural, and...
  9. Stolen Secrets

    Stolen Secrets

    Offered an enormous sum by an anonymous benefactor for the acquisition of an ancient ceremonial relic, a sum that would keep the antiquities shop in Cairo her father left her afloat while she continued her own archaeological pursuits, Lady Isabella Valentine was distracted rather than tempted...
  10. Whispers of the Realm3 200x300.jpg

    Whispers of the Realm3 200x300.jpg

    The forgotten village of Flytes Bagot, England, is the perfect home for The Vanquished of darkness. But the heavenly Realm disagree, dispatching a Clan of Seven Celestial warriors to make it perfect once more. One Celestial will break the rules as the Clan are wielded like pawns by feuding...
  11. The Faye's Secret

    The Faye's Secret

    For the past few weeks, Abigail Reed has been seeing ghosts. Living her whole life feeling like she didn't belong, Abby is used to taking care of herself. But when a ghost in a dream talks to her, the first one to ever speak, she is thrown into a world that she never knew existed. One where...
  12. Storm Crazy (Destiny Paramortals, book 1)

    Storm Crazy (Destiny Paramortals, book 1)

    He's looking for normal, but has he found Mayberry or Middle Earth.