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Do the names Jim Butcher, Kim Harrison, Ben Aaronovitch, Lisa Shearin, Mike Carey, Karen Marie Moning, Jonathan Howard, Kate Griffin, Kevin Hearne, Daryinda Jones, or Benedict Jacka ring a bell with you? They are merely some of the many writers who mix magic, paranormal, supernatural, and mystery into their story stew. (I’m one of them as J.B. Dane, by the way.)

Some of their protagonists are private investigators, some government agents or agents for an agency that polices things that aren’t human. The miscreants they face down have never been human or were once human and no longer entirely perking with quite the same DNA any longer. But some of the bad guys ARE human, though working with beings who are packing more power than anyone might have expected.

Whether called paranormal romance or urban fantasy, these are mystery adventure tales with the hero or heroine, or both, packing magic or enhanced abilities, or are paranormals or supernaturals in their own right. What they are is merely a switch on character type. They still need to solve a crime. Or maybe more than one!

Step into a world where wizards, witches, exorcists, necromancers, mages, grim reapers, and 2000+ year old druids, among others, step up to the plate to keep the world – at least their world – safe while catching and punishing the bad guys. There are requirements for the genre and we’ll be diving into them hoping no krakens are in those depths.
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Beth Daniels
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May 4, 2020 at 9:00 AM
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The class was exactly what I was looking for--an overview of paranormal mysteries.