world building

  1. Becky Martinez

    Craft Let’s Write a Story with Becky Martinez

    Once you have a plot and characters you should be all set to write that next best seller, right? Wrong! A boring beginning or a flat ending can leave your readers throwing the book at the wall or eager to write up a nasty review. Writing a book that can have readers eagerly awaiting your next...
  2. Jo Vanderhooft

    Character How to Write More Engaging Sex Scenes with JoSelle Vanderhooft

    Sex scenes can make or break a romance, regardless of heat level. Unfortunately, they can fall victim to lazy descriptions, cliché, overreliance on mechanics, and a lack of characterization. This class is designed to teach authors of all skill levels and experience how to avoid these and other...
  3. Peter Andrews

    Character Crazy Bad Villains with Peter Andrews

    From Simon Legree to Hannibal Lector, stand-out villains have captured the imaginations of readers and made stories memorable. The best bad guys won’t hesitate to push against and use the greatest weaknesses or failures of character that a protagonist has. They escalate action, causing harsh...