Comprehensive Worldbuilding - The Whole World View with Anna Denisch

Worldbuilding-Setting Comprehensive Worldbuilding - The Whole World View with Anna Denisch

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  1. Characters
  2. Description/Setting
  3. Structure
  4. GMC
  5. Plotting
  6. Worldbuilding
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Class Length
3 Weeks
Throughout this 3-week workshop, writers will learn the ins and outs of worldbuilding and how to properly integrate information into their story.

Week one will focus on macro-worldbuilding: how the world is shaped, what political powers are in play, and how religion and technology appear in the world.

Week two will focus on micro-worldbuilding: how culture develops within different parts of the world, what sorts of economic policies are around, and how certain historical events have impacted the modern world.

Week three will focus on how to use this world building knowledge to better serve your plot, characters, and overall writing.

By the end of this workshop, writers should have a well-developed world to create in, or at least have the tools and knowledge to build one in the future.
Week One: Macro World

Lesson One: Environment & Evolution

  • Discovering the creation of the world (Big Bang, godly intervention, etc.) -Creating different landscaping and environmental aspects
  • Creating fantasy/science fiction species based on world creation
Lesson Two: Geography & Politics
  • Creating political boundaries using landscapes as a guide -Creating unique and believable political powers
  • Defining potential alliances and rivalries based on political goals
Lesson Three: Religion & Magic/Technology
  • Creating impactful religions using political and environmental influences
  • Determining the role of both magic and technology based on environment and politics -Determining how/if magic and technology work together/in opposition
Week Two: Micro World

Lesson Four: Culture

  • Using religion and technology to differentiate cultures
  • Defining cultural boundaries
  • Determining how culture influences/is influenced by geography and evolution
Lesson Five: Economics
  • Defining types of money and exchange rates
  • Creating trade routes using geography and political connections
  • Setting up any class/job systems
Lesson Six: Historical Influences
  • Creating impactful historical events
  • Determining how historical events shaped modern events -Discovering how historical events play a role in modern culture
Week Three: Plot World

Lesson Seven: Character Background

  • Using knowledge of the world to build physical and emotional characteristics -Define character relationships/interactions based on world views
  • Projecting a character’s path using world knowledge
Lesson Eight: World-Blocks
  • Determining how the world sets up plot
  • Discovering how the world can provide points of conflict -Using plot to fill in any worldbuilding gaps
Lesson Nine: Integration
  • Determining what information to include in the story -Learning how to integrate information without info-dumping
  • Utilizing world knowledge to un-stick writing issues
Class Format
Savvy Authors' workshops are held on a forum: a bulletin board based system. You will receive a reminder notice one day prior to the start of the workshop that includes instructions on how to access the workshop forum. If you have not received instructions by the day the workshop begins, please check your spam filter.

The forum will be available the morning (EST) of the day the workshop starts and will remain accessible to all participants thereafter. You will also be given simple instructions on how to create a PDF of all your discussions along with our privacy and data retention policy.
Start date
Sep 18, 2023 at 9:00 AM
End date
Oct 9, 2023 at 12:50 AM
Registration end date
Sep 21, 2023 at 12:50 AM
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Latest reviews

Anna provided plenty of detailed advice and pointers on how to build fictional worlds for our stories. She was also very responsive with feedback on any of the homework assignments I was able to complete during the course. I also liked that she had us create our own threads for the homework assignments. This meant that I could focus on just my world with each assignment and also go through and see how others were building their own worlds in their individual threads. It kept things much more streamlined that it would for each participant to comment in the homework threads altogether. All in all this was a great class that I'd recommend to anyone.
Lots of great information and generous willingness to give feedback. I didn't have time to do the exercises during the class but really appreciate the offer to get feedback beyond the end date.
Great class, with information I'll use over and over. Anna provided thoughtful, supportive, feedback and asked great questions that helped me take each next step. Highly recommend if you're new to worldbuilding (as I was)!