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Nov 30, 2019
Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2023 Sweetheart Pitchfest and in particular thanks to the Editors and Publishers who reviewed all your amazing pitches! Wow!

Read on for the list of requests.
Thanks for participating and don't forget to register for the 2023Autumn Pitchfest!

Nikki Babri at Tule Publishing

Please submit using the submissions page (Submissions) for information on how to submit, what to include, etc. Please include SAVVYAUTHORS PITCHFEST in the subject line.

  • The Jingle Run by Erin Pullmann
  • Mystic Bay ~ A Haven in Texas by June Faver
  • The Room at the End of the Hall by Susan McCormick
  • That Which Is Lost by Alice Fitzpatrick
  • Mending Fences by Susan Burdorf
  • To Lasso a Cowboy by Carolyn Rae
  • A Murder Most Fowl by Carmela Dutra
  • Murder on Mackinac by Matt Schueller

Yelena Casale at City Owl Press

Please submit original pitch posted on the PitchFest page, the genre, the page count, a fuller query, and the first 3 chapters of the manuscript to ycasale at cityowlpress dot com
The subject should include "SavvyAuthor PitchFest"

  • Mystic Bay~A Haven in Texas by June Faver
  • THIRD AND LONG by Rebecca Minelga
  • The Love Consult (TLC) by Viktoria Dahill
  • Dhampir Daughter by Riina Liis
  • Oceansong by Christine Wang
  • Surviving Shelby by Lynn Dyskievicz-Dick
  • Shadows Of Immortals by Jennifer Wile
  • Escape to Sandy Bay by Emily Hussey
  • Fathom by M.W. Cooke
  • Elephant & Castle by Hannah Ledford
  • SATURN RETURN by Olivia Idera
  • CITY SLICKER by Bev Irwin
  • Kyth and Kyn by Frances Pauli

Theresa Cole at Owl City Press

Please submit query, synopsis, and the first 10 pages to: Query Submission

  • The Queen's Price by Alicia Maslin and Harri Tysoe
  • FRESH CUT MURDER by K.Y. Bynum
  • Oceansong by Christine Wang
  • Fallen's First by Kassidy Coursey
  • The Unseen by Sarah Dinan
  • Thread of Fate by Sarah Dinan
  • REBOUND FOR RENT by Susan Reinhardt

Melissa Rechter at Crooked Lane Books & Alcove Press

Please send the first 4 chapters, a bio of the author (2-4 lines about themselves and any previous works or books, if applicable) and a full synopsis to melissa.rechter at crookedlandbooks dot com
  • The Word Dancer: An Appalachian Tale by Stephanie Edwards
  • The Enchanted Reader by Molly Law
  • Baskets and Bakesales by Alicia Maslin and Harri Tysoe
  • The Mojito Murder Society by Katrina Holloway
  • Girls Would by Beth Patten
  • Best Laid by Mary Rose Luksha
  • HookIn by Anastasia Alexander
  • Trust Fall by Ava Nolan
  • Rebound for Rent by Susan Reinhardt
  • The Three Emmas by Linda Drinkwine
  • Mission Marriage by Anima Sahu
  • Back Burner by Meghan Schiereck

Rachel Gilmer at Sourcebooks

Please submit full synopsis of the project (including the ending), the manuscript, and any applicable sales history to Rachel.gilmer at sourcebooks dot com

  • Come Die with Me by Vanessa M. Knight
  • Book Talk by S.M. Levine
  • DISORDER by Peyton Garland
  • Babysitting Gandhi by Jo Fraley
  • BEFORE I FELL by Shannon Holt
  • BURIED LOVE by Jen Smith
  • Pumpkin Spiced by Jeanna Louise Skinner
  • Girls Would by Beth Patten
  • BORN A GHOST by Cheri Krueger
  • UNFINISHED BUSINESS by Karen Bourgeois
  • Nice Eyebrows, and Other Karmic by Bonnie Knelsen Bodyslams by
  • Fire in the Ashes by N. Y. Dunlap
  • HookedIn by Anastasia Alexander
  • Malicious Devotion by Jocelyn Chen
  • The Raven Queen by Carac Allison (pseudonym CJ Veil)
  • Sunsets and Other Dangerous Things by Dani Frank

Gnome Road Publishing

Please submit to to [email protected] with the words Sweetheart Pitchfest in the heading. We appreciate a short description, comp titles, and a short bio in the query and for the story to be pasted in the body of the email.

  • Bob the Cat by Rachel Scott
  • A River is a Road by Mary Helen Berg
  • Madelyn Riddle is in the Middle by Allison Green
  • Time to Go, Sally Jo by Susan Burdorf

Michael Dolan at Winding Road Publishing

Please submit query, synopsis, and full manuscript to Michael at windingroadstories dot com
  • S.M. Levine: Book Talk
  • Dan Yokum: Cold Cash
  • Erin Pullman: The Jingle Run
  • Amy Craig: Sweetwater Creek
  • Morgan Sloan: Stableshoes
  • Jayda B. Justus: Sing Me Home
  • Yash Bhutada: Upma, Chai, and Rose Milk
  • Amanda Pull: Beth Death

Jocelyn Travis at Soucebooks

Please submit full synopsis of the project (including the ending), the manuscript, and any applicable sales history to jocelyn.travis at sourcebooks dot com
  • The Half of It by Theresa Christine
  • 139 Moss Lane by Sheri Taylor-Emery
  • Unfinished Business by Karen Bourgeois
  • Upma, Chai, and Rose Milk by Yash Bhutada
  • Sunsets and Other Dangerous Things by Dani Frank
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I received a "like" from one of the editors, but don't see it listed here with her requests. Do I have a request from her anyway?
Hello @adr90,

Thanks for your message. A "like" from a publishing professional doesn't mean that they're requesting to see more from that pitch. The publishing professionals either requested directly with a reply message or sent us list of the pitches that they wanted to see more from. Our pitchfest is a little different from a Twitter pitch.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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