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Hello! Discovered this site and the pitch contest just a day or so ago. So happy to have found it. Takes me a little while to learn the workings of a new forum, but I'll catch on eventually.

Good luck to everyone who is pitching!
Same for me (new to this site, and first pitch contest). Good luck and best wishes to you @Sealey (and everyone else who is pitching)!
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Jun 26, 2014
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I'm also new here but I've participated in pitch events on Twitter. Last week was #moodpitch and I got a "like" from a dream agent, requesting the synopsis and first three chapters. (Wish me luck!) If you're on Twitter I suggest checking out some of their pitch events to see how pitches are crafted in 280 characters or less.
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Hello! I'm new here. Found you from a comment on Query Tracker. Thought I'd see what this whole Pitch Fest thing is about. I see the next one coming is in February. Anyone have any tips/tricks? I'm an dark fantasy/horror writer in OKC. I finished my first fully typed novel in September, went to my second writer's conference in October, and I have a few irons in the fire for agents and publishing houses.
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