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Yep, it’s back again! Your next best chance to land that perfect agent or (and) sell your book to the publisher of your dreams! We open up the SavvyAuthor’s site for three fun-filled and exciting days where you post your pitch in a forum to a bevy of agents and editors.

How this whole Pitchfest thing works…
  • After 9 AM EST the day of the Pitchfest, post your three-line pitch as a comment on the agent and editor posts. These posts will be linked from the Sweetheart Pitch Page .
  • You do need to registrater but it's free and we'll send you reminders and tips about pitching!.
  • Nope, you do not have to be a PAID SavvyAuthors member. (Our basic membership is free…)
  • Lastly, please review the Pitch Rules before pitching.

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Other events or classes in this series
We will be opening PitchPrep classes as we get closer to the date. Pitchpreps are small (usually less than 10 people) who work closely with an agent or editor to craft the perfect pitch!
Class Format
Savvy Authors' events and workshops are held on a forum: a bulletin board-based system. You will receive a reminder notice one day prior to the start of the event that includes instructions on how to access the event forum. If you have not received instructions by the day the event begins, please check your spam filter.
The forum to post your pitch will be available the morning 9AM (EST) of the day the pitchfest starts and will remain accessible to all participants for at least two weeks after Pitchfest ends or until all the requests have been received. After that, the pitches are removed from public view.
SavvyAuthors Pitchfest
Start date
Feb 15, 2023 at 9:00 AM
End date
Feb 17, 2023 at 9:00 PM
Registration end date
Feb 17, 2023 at 9:00 PM
4.55 star(s) 94 ratings

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Latest reviews

This is a great event. Like other comments, there weren’t many agents on this round.

It’s also March 7 with no update on requests yet. Would be good if could get requests quicker.
SavvyAuthors Pitchfest
Hello @JenniferW,
Thanks for your feedback. We actually shared the publishing professional requests on March 1, 2023.
Please check out:
Publisher Requests: https://savvyauthors.com/community/threads/2023-sweetheart-pitchfest-editor-publisher-requests.51791/
Agent Requests: https://savvyauthors.com/community/threads/2023-sweetheart-pitchfest-agent-requests.51790/
I'm a huge believer in the Power of Pitch. As pitch events go, the Savvy Authors one is pretty good. I love the format: neat, uniform, easy to execute. Should there be more agents, editors, and publishers? Definitely. But I know snagging them is a challenge, so I'm just happy to have had a shot at the ones who participated, happy that Savvy Authors goes to the enormous trouble to produce these events, and happiest to feel myself a member of a vast and productive authorial community. To me, we ALL have perfect pitch!
Thank you for providing this opportunity to reach out to agents! I got one bite so far and that would not have happened if it wasn't for this forum. I'll let you know what happens!
Of the several editors & agents (there weren't that many---12?) only 2 1 in each category was looking for commercial fiction.
SavvyAuthors Pitchfest
Thanks for the feedback! We were also disappointed this year at the fewer numbers of agents and editors for Sweetheart Pitchfest. Turns out there were some competing events so we are rethinking the timing for next year.
The format is 5star a far better way to pitch! But I'm a kid lit writer and there was one publisher...
Wonderful opportunity to interact with editors and agents and get more experience pitching.
I really enjoyed this event. It gives authors a fair chance to pitch their book idea. Perhaps the timeline to post the pitches could be shorter so authors have less competition. I like the reminders to keep the pitches to three lines, and I like how I had automatic updates to my email when there was a post. I would do this again. Thank you, Savvy Authors!
Easy to participate. Wish there had been more agents and editors. Good opportunity and lots of guidance/help.
I think your team of staff and volunteers is terrific. I was disappointed to see only a handful of agents. The competition was fierce given the number of authors pitching. It might have been better for the members if you had limited the pitching to the SavvyAuthor members. That said, I'm truly appreciative of all this organization does.
SavvyAuthors Pitchfest
Thanks for the feedback! We were also disappointed this year at the fewer numbers of agents and editors for Sweetheart Pitchfest. Turns out there were some competing events so we are rethinking the timing for next year.