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Hey, gang.

I'm a newbie, I guess, but not a newbie. I was a regular here... 10-15 years ago maybe. (I can't find my old class work and community posts here anymore, though.)

I'm a fantasy/science fiction author. I've got a few books on Amazon and I've sold a few of them. I haven't released a new book since 2019, The Lich's Heart. I had a science fiction book almost ready to go out in 2020... but it was 2020. Since then, my day job has totally taken over my life and I've been having problems getting everything together and finishing my projects.

It's not that I haven't written since then. I've written multiple first drafts of books, including 4 books that are part of the fantasy series I was working on, and two books starting new fantasy series. I've also done several rewrites on one of those books, The Butcher's Bill.

But I've also kinda lost focus. I used to be a semi-professional musician and I've gotten more and more into composing. When working in one of the year-long group classes (with Devon Ellington back in the day), I got deeply into 3D Art while trying to design book covers. I've realized that I'm spending more time and more money on those two interests instead of my writing.

When I was here back in Ye Olden Days, I took lots of classes and learned lots of things. I'm hoping I can get refocused and that spending my money HERE instead of on music classes will help with that. :)
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Writing conferences

Grace GG submitted a new Recommendation:

Writing conferences - #writing workshop, #writer's conference

These workshops are held all over the U.S. and are a wonderful way to learn and connect with other writers and agents. I'm heading to the one in Austin, Texas March 1!

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