2018 SavvyWritercon

Writing Life 2018 SavvyWritercon

It didn't work out for me personally. My partner never posted/visited the partner list. So I didn't get a CP out of it but it looked like the method SA used to match everyone was good and other writers were getting good matches.
It was a nice event with lots of fun classes.
The only disappointing part was I'd signed up for two classes with a teacher who couldn't participate because of weather and we were told the classes would be rescheduled, but I was never contacted about make-up classes.
Otherwise, very well done.
I look forward to the SavvyWriterCon every year. There’s such a vast array of topics that covers the craft and business side of being an author. One thing I would like to see is the ambition of the workshops scaled back to a more reasonable size/focus so it’s more reasonably manageable for a 2-3 day focus. So instead of, say, covering Description as a whole in that time, maybe focusing on creating unique metaphors and similes or engaging all the senses beyond what you “just see” (scent, tough, etc).
All the workshops were excellent, and overall I felt rejuvenated - like I'd attended a writing conference, but for free from my own house!