1. Deborah Bailey

    Lecture Lesson 3 -

    Lesson 3 – Direct Sales Hi everyone! Be sure to ask your questions in the Q&A thread today if there's anything you'd like clarification on. When you're selling your books "wide" you have to consider all the ways that readers can find you. As I mentioned in yesterday's class, if you're using...
  2. Deborah Bailey

    Lecture Lesson 1 - Distributing Your Book

    Lesson 1 Hi everyone! Let's get started. Originally when I started publishing, for the most part I stuck with KDP. After a while I wanted to see how my books would perform on other platforms. I started out using Smashwords (I still have a non-fiction book on there) to distribute to other...
  3. Deborah Bailey

    Lecture Welcome & Introduction

    Welcome Hi everyone! If you've been in one of my previous classes at Savvy Authors, great to connect with you again! :) A little about me... I'm an indie author of paranormal and science fiction romance novellas and speculative fiction short stories. I've also published non-fiction books as...
  4. Sunny Irene Roth

    Writing Life A New Paradigm of Excellence with Irene S. Roth

    There isn’t a lot written directly about how to become an excellent writer. It is a topic that a lot of writers shy away from because they feel that becoming excellent is not something is within their reach. This may be because many writers don’t feel that they could measure up against the best...
  5. Laura Drake

    Business So You Want To Get an Agent with Laura Drake

    We will cover query structure, etiquette, tracking and how to find agents to send to. Huge amount of info in a small package!
  6. SavvyWriterCon

    Series 2018 SavvyWritercon

    For the eight year in a row, we are hosting this great event! We’re offering one to three day mini-intensives on topics from craft to business for writers. We’ll have expert webinars where you can discuss topics with writing and publishing experts. We’ll be bringing a slew of editors and agents...